Friday, September 30, 2005

i'm a huge list maker! i love lists!

i love people who know me so well they can pick things out they absolutely know will make me happy. i was so excited about my package from robyn yesterday because she knows the small (and not so small) things that make me happy. (if i haven't said it enough, i'm very appreciative of the package! it's stinkin' awesome!) but i found something incredibly interesting in the book 10 sure signs a movie character is doomed and other surprising movie lists. it's pretty much just a bunch of lists richard roeper has come up with. and some of them are quite hillarious if i do say so myself. i make movie lists like this all the time, so maybe i get more of a kick out of this than anyone else. it's a fun game i like to play. yes, i know i'm a dork and i'm okay with it.

some of my favorite lists from the book...
10 bad songs put to use in good movies
movies in which tom cruise obscures his face with grotesque makeup or a mask
10 movie character imitations men can't resist doing
5 things that happen in a movie home at the start of the day
7 movies in whic ben affleck cries like a big fat baby
movies that never played on an airplane.

no joke. how ironic, huh? so here's roeper's list...
air force one
cast away
die hard 2
final destination
passenger 57
planes, trains & automobiles
rain man
twilight zone: the movie

Thursday, September 29, 2005

i love surprises!

today i had to take some stuff to the mailbox and the little mail truck was sitting in front of our mailbox, but the mailman was nowhere to be seen. i was thinking he was probably delivering a package or something. so i looked at the neighbors house...not there. looked across the street...not there. then i see him walking through my yard back to the street. he had put a package on my front porch! yay!

anyone who knows me, knows that i love being surprised! and it was definitely a surprise. when robyn usually sends me things, she accidentally always tells me. so today i was especially surprised...and it was fun.

"fun happies" in my fun package...
*a homemade orange tee shirt that says "i'm not bitter. i'm just sayin'."
*a light up magic wand...with batteries
*10 sure signs a movie character is doomed
*monogramed letter "a" cards
*a really cool glittery pen
*my very awesome business cards she designed for me!
*a business card holder for my new cards!
*high fidelity the book and dvd are on loan until the move!
*a card

fun times! i'm so excited! thanks, robyn!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

tom, jodie, and airplanes

i found this fake tom cruise press release particularly funny today.

for as much hype as flight plan has been getting, i'm surprised to see this article. it also makes me wonder if there have ever been any inappropriate movies played in flight...and if so, what they are. who choses the movies anyway? the airline? okay, let's play a game called "inappropriate movies to show during a flight."
i'll go first...cast away.
now it's your turn.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

only lorelai would name her dog paul anka

i seriously can't get enough gilmore girls. today was the release date for season 4 on dvd. and although i don't have a really cool story like andrea, i did come up with a way to add it to my collection of tv shows on dvd.
i might as well just mark today as the official "gilmore girls day" because not only am i the owner of season 4, but i did something crazy last week. i signed up for a free trial of netflix. it's good for two weeks. so my brilliant idea was that i would use my two week free trial to rent gilmore girls season 3 since no video stores carry them. so i signed up for my free trial and then it was time to pick my dvds. but then i realized that each disc in the season counted as 1 dvd and there are 6 in a season.

so i went out today to find the red netflix envelopes just chillin' in the mailbox. the first three discs of season 3 were here. yay! if i can manage to watch them all in a couple days, then i can send them back and get the other three of the season before my trial subscription runs out. plus, my mom surprised me by buying me season 4. AND, today is tuesday, so it was a new episode at 8pm...therefore making today "gilmore girls day!"

Monday, September 26, 2005

movie trivia monday (#4)

you know the rules. anyone can play. 1st to comment with the right answer wins the points. all unanswered question's points automatically go to me on wed at noon. red questions are up for grabs. no cheating. have fun!

movie taglines - 1000pts
1. love means never having to say you're sorry.
love story - robyn

2. the coach is waiting for his next beer. the pitcher is waiting for her first bra. the team is waiting for a miracle. consider the possibilities.
bad news bears - robyn

3. an adventure 65 million years in the making.
jurassic park - robyn

4. open 'til midnight.
empire records - robyn

5. somebody said get a life... so they did.
thelma and louise - andrea

6. the music is on his side
footloose - andrea

7. how do i loathe thee? let me count the ways.
10 things i hate about you - robyn

characters (all about the bobs) - 500pts

8. bob woodward - all the president's men
robert redford- robyn

9. robert 'bob' paulson - fight club
meatloaf - andrea

10. bobby ray - sweet home alabama
ethan embry - robyn

tv trivia - 1000pts
11. what was stephanie tanner's middle name on "full house"
judith - emily

12. what street did the conner family live on in the tv show "roseanne?"
delaware - andrea

13. in the show "7th heaven" what was the camden's dog's name?
happy - emily

14. who was the only brady to ever have a kissing scene?
bobby - andrea

15. buffy summers lived in what fictional town?
sunndydale - robyn

16. what was the name of rosco's basset hound on the series "the dukes of hazzard?"
flash - emily

17. who was alex p. keaton's role model?
richard nixon - andrea

18. "the jeffersons" was a spin off from what tv show?
all in the family - andrea

19. this singer sang the theme song to "pee wee's playhouse"
cyndi lauper - andrea

20. name the hangout where the gang from "saved by the bell" spent their time. the maxx - robyn

robyn - 8500
andrea - 7500
emily - 3000

will someone please get the phone?

the phone keeps ringing. from the time i sat down at the computer to check my email and log into blogger, i've had to get up to answer the phone three times. that's three times in about five minutes. that's absolutely ridiculous. i used to be the kind of person that would jump up the second the phone would ring. in fact, it was like a ridiculous game i'd play just to see if i could grab it before the second ring. of course that started around the same time it seemed necessary to talk on the phone 20 hours a day...right around the time jr high came around. the same time me and my friends would get on two different phones to call the boy one of us liked, while one of us talked to him and the other one sat quietly on the other phone just inches away trying to muffle the laughing into a pillow. then the invention of three way calling came about and it was much easier.

of course now, the phone seems to ring constantly, but it's rarely for me (and if it is, it's usually my dad). so why bother to even pick it up. the bad thing is, there's no caller id in the basement, so i never know who it is unless i answer it.

the last call went a little something like this...
me: hello.
girl: i just missed a call from this number.
me: um, i'm sorry. i don't know who it would've been. (i'm the only one home, so either she didn't just miss it...or a ghost is calling her.)
who is this?
girl: paige.
me: well, i'm sorry, but i really don't know.
girl: okay.

i didn't know that people did that. i guess that my younger brother probably called her house or something, but i've been the only one home for an hour. what am i suppose to say to her, "do you know my brother?" that's weird. anyway, i just thought it was random.

it also reminds me of the time i had a cell phone stalker. one night my cell phone rang really late, probably around 2 am or something. i was asleep, but i answered it anyway (which doesn't happen very often). and this guy on the other end said "hey! what are you up to?" i remember telling him i was sleeping and he appologized. he asked who he dialed and i remember saying my name. and then it was obvious he had the wrong number. upon realizing this, he tried to have a conversation with me. he was asking where i lived and all this weird stuff. i think i ended up hanging up on him. i was asleep, so i really don't remember. then a couple nights later he calls back. i answered the phone before i looked at the number and even if i had, i probably wouldn't have noticed it was the same guy anyway. i answered and he said "hey amy!" yeah, he knew my name because i'd told him before cause i thought i knew who it was. anyway...he ended up asking me questions again. i don't really remember what i said, or if i hung up on him or if i just let him talk. i do remember not answering any of his questions. so a few nights later in the middle of the night my phone rings. i recognize the number this time so i don't answer. apparently there was some drunk dialing going on because on the voice mail there were a bunch of guys saying stuff, and then cracking up. this ended up going on for a couple weeks with a few more sporadic calls. i ended up saving the number in my phone as FREAK so when he'd call i'd know not to answer. eventually, the phone calls stopped altogether.

there's no point to that story, or any of the ones above it actually. i think i had a thought i was going to blog about, but obviously it turned into a post about phones. anyone else have any amazing stories about phones? if you do, post them...or better yet, email them to me and i'll post it as a special guest post on here. yeah, i don't know where all this randomness is coming from. someone, quick, entertain me!

but it is monday, so i suppose it's time to post some trivia! i think i'll do that now.

the knowledge of a ten year old

sometime in the spring, i found a bookmark i made when i was little. i probably made it at some type of church function, or maybe even at school or something. but it makes me laugh. here's what it says.
i don't know what
i want to be when
i grow up.
some kids have
plans already.
sometimes i think
i want to be
an artist or doctor
or florist or musician
or missionary or scientist.
Lord, please help me
to trust your guideness.
please tell me little
by little the way to go.
let me find work that
will be right for me.
i don't like my
teacher, Lord.
she's mean and
doesn't explain
things right.
and she makes
me feel dumb.
she never gives
us a break.
i wish i had the one
i had last year.
she even made
school seem fun.
help me to get along
with this teacher, Lord.
it makes me laugh because the front part of it still seems like such a big worry for me. i'm guessing i was in fifth grade when i wrote this. i say that because of the whole teacher comment. at ten years old, i was worried about what i was going to be when i grew up. everyone else was already making plans, and i had no clue. at 24, sometimes i feel like i'm still sitting in that same boat. at ten, i knew that i couldn't make a decision based on what i wanted that would affect the rest of my life. i knew i had to pray about it and ask God for help. i knew then that i couldn't do it alone.
it's nice to have these little reminders. when i first found it, i had tucked it away in a bible i haven't been using much, so when i came across it last night it made me laugh again. i know that i have to rely on God and trust his "guideness" to get me through this (and yes, i know guideness isn't a word) and it will all work out in due time.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

'round and 'round

me and nate when we were little.

Friday, September 23, 2005

"i'm not crazy, m'lynn, i've just been in a very bad mood for 40 years!"

do you ever have one of those days where you're in a bad mood and you don't really know why? i think today is one of those days. i mean, there have been things that would possibly trigger the "bad mood" switch to "on." but i don't really think any of those things are the main cause. i don't want to be in a bad mood. but i am. it's friday should be full of fun, not bad moods.

i'm in one of those moods where i feel like driving (even long distances) to see an old friend. to just spend time together and hang out. but i'm broke, unemployed, and out of gas.

i'm seeing this glass as half empty. anyone want to join my pity party? i have a feeling this one might last a while.

everything elizabethtown

there are three movie posters for elizabethtown. i do really like all three of them for different reasons. which one do you like?

which elizabethtown movie poster do you like the best?
i really don't care
Free polls from

the japanese site for etown has a very different movie poster up. it's pretty cool, but i don't think it really captures the movie like the other movie posters.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

reproduction is weird...

i have a step-sister i've met twice. i also have a stepbrother who's my age that i've never met. it's strange. what's even stranger is that she's 2 years younger than me and today she had two twin little girls. her and her husband already have a little girl who is 2.

a couple weeks ago i went to a family gathering for my cousin who was home from iraq for some r&r. he got to come home for a few days, so his mom threw this big get together before he had to go back. we were close growing up, and he even lived with us for a little while. he was kind of like my "older brother." he had a little boy, then got married, had another little boy, and got divorced. he's only 26.

his younger brother is 6 months younger than me. he grew up living with his mom in iowa, so i didn't really know him until they moved to ky when i was in high school. he came and spent a lot of time at our house when they first moved because it was close to the school and they weren't really settled yet. it's weird because i always saw him as this goofy, irresponsible cut-up. he's been married for five years and they just had their third kid a few weeks ago. he'll be 24 in a couple months. it was weird watching him with his wife and their two boys and their new baby girl. weird because he's younger than me. weird because he's been married for 5 years. and weird because he has three kids. but i think what makes it weirder (and cooler) is the fact that they're happy. i know that sounds kind of weird. but it seems to be the exception with most people that have kids that young (especially that many)...or maybe people in my family or people i know. but they did things the right way, the way they should be. they got married first, then had the kids. it's just neat to see it and to see them play together and love each other. but it's still weird because i can't imagine having three kids right now. i can't imagine even being married. weird.

this is a really random post. i was just trying to say...everybody needs to stop having kids. it's weird.

Monday, September 19, 2005

movie monday (trivia # 3)

apparently there were some people who were upset because they didn't read my blog over the weekend and they missed out on movie trivia #2. i didn't realize that the majority of my friends (and any others) who read this do so while getting paid (meaning they read it while they're at work). so for you slackers who have complained about missing out on all the fun (and the points)...let me introduce you to MOVIE MONDAY!

today's movie monday trivia includes taglines from movies...

be the first to identify what movie the tagline comes from and you'll win yourself 1000pts for each correct answer. red questions are not yet answered. questions not answered by wednesday at 6pm will automatically go to me. as always, no cheating. have fun and play safe...


1. love is a game. easy to start. hard to finish.

2. a comedy about celebrity, family and other forms of insanity.

3. some things in life just can't be explained.

4. a comedy about fear of commitment, hating your job, falling in love and other pop favorites.

5. the true story of a real fake.

6. one of them is lying. so is the other.

7. sometimes it takes more than just good looks to kill.

8. they only met once, but it changed their lives forever.

9. she's the one in every family.

10. tonight, they're calling the shots.

------------------------------------------------------------ only word is WOW!
andrea's answered all of them so far...and she's gotten them all right. that's 8000pts. i get 2000 pts.

1. singles (andrea)
2. american sweethearts (andrea)
3. phenomenon (amy)
4. high fidelity (andrea)
5. catch me if you can (andrea)
6. how to lose a guy in 10 days (andrea)
7. buffy the vampire slayer (andrea)
8. breakfast club (andrea)
9. pieces of april (amy)
10. coyote ugly (andrea)

letting go is never easy

this past week i've had a lot on my mind. i know it's hard to believe but i did have more going on in this head of mine besides anything revolving around cameron crowe.

camp staff placement for the summer of 2006 is right around the corner. september 26 is the last day to apply...and it's already too late to apply for any program staff positions. i really thought that i'd be done working camp after last summer and i count myself lucky that i had another amazing summer. once the buzz started at the end of camp this year, there were people telling me that they had recommended me for certain positions. it was very humbling and i felt gracious that they saw qualities in my personality and leadership that i'll never be able to see myself. it got me excited for another summer...something i hadn't prepared for. so the inevitable question came up. "amy, are you going to work next summer?" that time it was july. how in the world do you plan for your future 10 months in advance. that's been my question every year. and every year God has been faithful and he's shown me where he wants me.

this time around is a little different. after 4 summers of different camp experiences, i thought i was ready to branch out and try something new. i really wanted a program staff position and i thought i would do a good job. but over the course of the last few weeks, me working camp again isn't really a least not at this point.

i think my career as a summer staffer is over. the more the thoughts rolled around in my head, the more i tried to come up with a remedy. as much as it kills me to think that i'm probably done, i think it's probably for the best. at some point in my life i have to grow up. i absolutely love working camp. it's the one thing in my life that i know that i LOVE.

right now i'm just afraid that if i make a commitment this early to work, i would be too afraid to pull out if another opportunity came along. i can't let that hold me back from moving forward. i've made a commitment to move to nashville and i'm sticking with it. i'm just afraid that when i move i won't pursue certain things if i know that i'll be working camp again...and i need to move forward in a big way.

i feel like i've been holding back because i've had to live at home. part of my plan with moving to a new place is to get involved in the things that i love and miss. things i haven't been able to do here. so as hard as it is, i think it's time to let it go and be done with camp. for right now anyway. i'm not saying that things can't change, but that's what my heart has been telling me. i guess the hardest thing about letting it go is just the fact that i love it so much.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

roll out the red carpet...or at least half of one

how many of you can say that you've had your picture taken by a celebrity? not with a celebrity. but who has had a celebrity take a picture of you? of today, i can say that i have. let me start at the begining.

i tried all week to win tickets to the elizabethtown premiere. i played trivia games trying to win them from the newspaper. i listened to three different radio stations that were giving them away. but as of yesterday, my hard labor had produced zero fruit. i was determined to win. i've had it in my head since last friday when i found out details of this weekend. i had countless dreams of different ways i would be the winner. but i didn't have tickets or an invitation. i wasn't lucky enough to have a friend invite me like hussie. i was on my own...and determined to do whatever it took.

there was one opportunity left, a sign contest. pairs of tickets were being given away to the best signs as a welcome for cameron crowe. this was something i could definitely do. all those "transferable skills" from being an RA sure paid off. not to be cocky, but i've made plenty of signs in my day. piece of cake. so my brother and i went to work trying to come up with a creative idea. we brainstormed ideas for a while, then went to work. we constructed our sign out of a twin sheet. it took us a while, but...i'd say the results were well worth it...because WE WON!!!

we didn't finish the sign until was after 2am when we went to bed. and we had to get up this morning and stake our spot. we found the perfect place to pitch our tent...or...uh...sign. we had to wait about an hour until the police escorted bus came by. oh yeah, did i mention it rained on us? i think about half the time we were standing in the rain. but anyway, the police cars came by. then, the elizabethtown tour bus. guess who was sitting in the front seat. my all time favorite director, cameron crowe!!! and what he did next was seriously the coolest thing ever! the bus slows down to almost a stop. cameron, took our picture. yeah, you heard me...he took our picture. then, he stood up and gave us a big pumping thumbs up. it was soooo awesome. i was waving like crazy, then after that i was so excited i didn't know what to do, except yell "cameron crowe just took our picture!" how cool is that? a few more cars go by...then this van pulls over, slows down a lot and this kid sticks his head out the window and hands nate a manilla envelope. we won...we won...we won. it's all i could think.

"that's an awesome sign!" the kid yells as the van pulls away. "you won two tickets. congratulations!"

WE WON! at this point it's very possible that i was shaking with excitement. "we're going...we won! how cool are we?"

i didn't know that my brother could get this excited, but it turns out i think he was more excited than he thought he would be.

inside the envelopes were directions we were suppose to follow immediately. so after a few congratulations from fellow sign holders, we hopped in the car to head to the outdoor luncheon before the premiere.

we made it...we were there. i was at a real movie event! it was so cool. i don't really know that i can explain the rest. it's a much better memory in my head than i'd be able to type out. i was in line to get my picture taken with cameron and i was going to get him to sign my movie poster (compliments of my VIP armband), when the cops started walking him back to the bus. there was one lady in front of me. one lady. i was about 3 feet away...but it was time to head to the premiere.

after the luncheon, we were escorted to the movie theater. we all got to walk to red carpet into the theater. but here's the funny part. there was a section marked off with saw-horses and ropes with people behind them waiting for autographs...just like a "hollywood" premiere. but the red carpet didn't start until about halfway up the path. nate and i laughed a lot about where the other half of the red carpet was. i honestly didn't care a whole lot, but it was funny. i wanted a picture so bad, but we weren't allowed to take them into the theater, so i didn't get any.

everyone got a playbill (is that what you call them for movies?) and free popcorn and drink. the theater was pretty packed, but we were able to find some great seats in the middle. before the movie, cameron crowe got up and talked about why he made the movie, why he chose kentucy, and some other stuff. he told us that he wanted us to see the directors cut and that at this time, it's still a little long, but he hoped we would enjoy it. then he got on his cell phone and held it up to the mic. apparently orlando bloom didn't catch an early enough plane because he was just leaving the airport (he was filming pirates until 6am). he apologized for not being there. he talked about how fun it was to film some of the movie in our city and what it meant to him. it was actually pretty cool to hear them talk about what a personal movie it was for everyone involved.

i don't want to say much about the movie cause i don't want to give anything away, especially since it doesn't come out for a month. but i will say a few things. i really enjoyed it. it was a typical cameron crowe movie, so if you're a fan, check it out oct 14th. there were some amazing shots, some good acting, and definitely some quotable movie quotes. orlando and kirsten definitely did a much better job than i expected. kirsten was exteremly likable and i'd have to say this is probably the best acting orlando has done. keep in mind, i'm not saying he was amazing, just that his performance surprised me and he went above what i expected of him. we saw the directors cut, so it was a little long and i found myself getting a little restless (it was about 2 hrs 10 mins). i'm pretty sure i was able to tell some of the scenes that will probably end up on the cutting room floor. cameron crowe does a wonderful job capturing the little things in life that are worth noting. it's the small things that add such a personal touch and make it feel "real." it had an extensive soundtrack, but what would we expect from someone who used to write articles from rolling stone? i'm definitely interested in seeing the final product. maybe after i see the final cut i'll write a better review. oh, and for those who have told me you thought the movie would be a remake of garden's not at all. and if you know me, you know how much i love that movie. but elizabethtown has a very different message and a different feel to it altogether. i mean, i guess they're are similarities, but it's definitely not the same movie.

so was a pretty amazing day.

(just a side note - i know how bad these pictures suck! there's something very wrong with my camera and every picture turns out fuzzy. it's a piece of crap. but i thought bad pictures were better than no pictures.)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Movie Trivia Challenge #2

okay, by now, you should know the rules...but just incase, i'll explain once more.
*anyone can play
*no cheating
*answer the questions by leaving a comment
* points will be awarded and posted by the person who has the correct answer first
*if no one guesses the quote correctly by sunday at 12pm EST, the points automatically go to me.
*red questions have not been answered

questions about actors and actresses - worth 2000pts each

1. this actor is an amateur magician, which he once demonstrated on a jerry lewis telethon. he has also performed magic tricks on carson, letterman, & leno.

2. this was the only person to appear in every episode of "dawson's creek."

3. during an appearance on "the oprah winfrey show", he announced that he and minnie driver broke up, even before telling her in person, just before the oscars. minnie found out on air.

4. this was the first actress to have a movie and a music album hit number one in the same week in 2001.

5. a picture of her was used to create ariel in the classic disney movie the little mermaid

6. this actor was originally cast as the voice of shrek in shrek and even recorded the dialogue. however, after his death, the role was given to mike myers

7. before his first big tv show, this actor was a boxer and was still fighting professionally during the first few seasons. he is known in the boxing world for scoring first round knockouts over earl harris, joe marcetti, ralph garcia, ray bryant, tony rodriguez, billy perez, and max hord.

8. before he became an actor he was a qualified hairdresser. in his new jersey hometown, one of his relatives ran a hair salon with the relatives of another actor from his neighborhood, jack nicholson.

9. this actor is known for his offbeat comedy, but in high school he was a cheerleader at rancho alamitos high school and was known for his "king tut dance."

10. this actress married boyfriend robert cohen in 1992 at a las vegas drive-in chapel as a joke. they had gone to vegas with the rest of the cast of "the ben stiller show" and decided to get married along with some of the other crew members. after their relationship ended they never officially got divorced.
identify what actor or actress played the following movie characters
worth 1000pts each
11. cliff poncier - singles
12. mary - eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
13. henry roth - 50 first dates
14. captian koons - pulp fiction
15. dr. chase meridian - batman forever
16. mr. mertle - the sandlot
17. corey mason - empire records
18. private adrian caparzo - saving private ryan
19. carole bradshaw - top gun
20. merrill hess - signs
correct answers (and who guessed them)
1. neil patrick harris (amy)
2. katie holmes (robyn)
3. matt damon (emily)
4. jennifer lopez (robyn)
5. alyssa milano (amy)
6. chris farley (robyn)
7. tony danza (amy)
8. danny devito (amy)
9. steve martin (emily)
10. jeannene garoffolo (amy)
11. matt dillon (robyn)
12. kirsten dunst (robyn)
13. adam sandler (robyn)
14. christopher walken (amy)
15. nicole kidman (emily)
16. james earl jones (robyn)
17. liv tyler (robyn)
18. vin disel (amy)
19. meg ryan (robyn)
20. joaquin phoenix (robyn)
for this game...
robyn - 13000pts
emily - 5000pts
amy - 12000pts

Thursday, September 15, 2005

an affair to remember

so i've done almost everything possible to increase my chances of winning tickets to the premiere for the new movie elizabethtown. i'm a huge cameron crowe fan. i love him. i've only been talking about this for over a year now. i was incredibly disappointed when i found out they were filming only a couple miles from my house last summer, but where was i? working camp. i did entertain a few thoughts about coming home just so i could be here...then i realized that was definitely under the "psycho fanatic" category. so i stayed put in charleston and tried not to think about it too much. so now that it's almost time for the movie to be released, there's all kinds of buzz around here...and i'll be honest, i've been eating it up. last week when i heard there would be a chance to win tickets, that's all i talked about for about 6 straight hours.

one of my best friends in the world (let's call her hussie) has betrayed me. hussie hates going to the movies. she doesn't know actors or actresses names unless they're brad pitt or julia roberts. hussie can go to the movies and walk out of the theater and call me and i can ask her what she saw and she won't know the name of it. hussie could never play my movie trivia games because she'd never know any of the answers. hussie thinks movies are a waste of time. (gasp...i know!) in fact, just last week hussie was talking about how dumb she thought the trailer for elizabethtown looked. now first off, she has no basis to judge a trailer for a movie she doesn't even care about seeing. second, she hates almost all movies, why should this one be different. and third, why does she feel the need to criticize it in front of me knowing how excited i am about it.

so hussie calls me up tonight and starts the conversation by saying "you're going to hate me for this."

now i don't know about you, but starting off a phone conversation like that probably isn't going to end up going i say the only thing i know, "what?"

it turns out her friend candy won tickets to the premiere and asked hussie to go with her. yep, i had to pick my jaw up off the floor. and after that...i still had nothing to say. i sat there in shock, even after i'd hung up the phone. talk about a blow. she should have just punched me in the probably would've hurt less.

it's hours later and i still feel like my best friend is having an affair with my first love...movies, directing, hollywood, the red carpet...
she swept in quietly and stole my love right out from under me. sneaky sneaky, hussie...

i have to get my love back!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

sorry for the inconvenience

don't hate me, but i had to turn on word verification for comments. i'm hoping that it doesn't stop you from posting your comments. i love it when people leave comments and it makes me sad when no one does. so please, keep them coming and don't hate me for making one extra step for you in the process of leaving a comment. i just couldn't take one more spam comment message. i was deleting them manually. but everytime i posted a new entry, i was deleting 3 or 4. hopefully this will help without hindering you guys.

point tally

latest point tally

i'm giving myself 3000 pts from unanswered movie trivia questions. i'll be adding it to the sidebar, but here's an updated point tally (with all points added together) as it stands now...

ExBF - 10,000
amy - 9500
robyn - 8000
crystal - 4000
stephen - 4000
emily - 3000
andrea - 1000
alyssa - 1000
big mike lewis - 500

random thoughts on some entertainment

i've been trying to figure out how to get to the elizabethtown premiere. i'm super excited about it. i absolutely love cameron crowe. i think he's great. i'm really hoping that orlando bloom and kirsten dunst can pull of the leads in this movie. as of right now, i'm not sure where i stand with my thoughts on orlando. he's never really impressed me, but i guess i can't say i've seen a lot of his movies. i'm not too sure about kirsten dunst either. her accent bugs me in the movie trailer, hopefully watching the movie won't be nearly as painful. i'm hopeful though because i have enough faith in cameron crowe to think that he would do whatever it took to cast the people he thought could play the part. so i guess we'll just have to wait and see. right now, i'm just concerned with scoring tickets for the premiere on saturday. it looks like the soundtrack came out today. it has a bluegrass-y, southern feel to it...which i suppose is definitely appropriate. you can listen to it on the movies website under the music category.

speaking of music...
i quit playing with the ipod's "shuffle songs" feature long enough to listen the the new backstreet boys cd that came out this summer. it's got a little more guitar and piano and it's a little more rockish than their older stuff. i mean, it has been close to five years since their last album. i used to pride myself on owning a pretty good music collection and loving a wide variety of music. i thought i had good taste. then i listen to these great pop albumns and i have to question myself. is this seriously great music? yeah, i don't really know. all i know is that i love it! seriously...are these kids coming to a concert near me? and how much crap would i get if i went to a backstreet boys concert? that's the great thing about me...i don't really care what other people think. listen to some of their songs, then...bring on the criticism. i can take it.

oh, speaking of music. i'd just like to know how in the world the radio can play the new black eyed peas song "my humps" on the radio. what's even more annoying is that it actually has a somewhat catchy beat. you can listen to it here.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


i don't normally do stuff like this, but I was tagged by emily to continue the game, so i must.

what I was doing...
10 years ago (1995) i was a freshman in high school. i had a crush on the guy who sat in front of me in english (who later turned into my high school boyfriend). i was in marching band (colorguard) and we were won state for the third time in a row.

5 years ago(2000) i had just started my sophmore year of college, but it was my first year at wku. brooke was my roommate and we had lots of fun. i worked at mc hall as a desk clerk. because of my persistant friend, i got involved at the bsu which was probably the best thing for me at the time.

yesterday (9/10) it was a very uneventful day. i slept in very very late. played on the computer, did nothing, watched tv, ate dinner with the family, got ice cream with my stepdad, came home, watched some episodes of dawson's creek on dvd.

5 snacks I enjoy: cheetos, 4 cheese cheese nips, nutty bars, reeces pieces, beef jerky (can't you tell how healthy i eat!)

5 songs I know all the words to: girl on tv - lfo, pop - nsync (or any of thier other songs), cover girl -new kids on the block (or any of their other songs), shoop - salt n pepa (i was trying to pick cheesy ones...but sadly, i really do know all the lyrics)

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars: donate money to those who need it, pay off my debt, buy a house for my dad, buy a new mac, buy a house for me

5 places I would run away to: the beach, new york, LA, paris, the bahamas

5 things I would never wear: pointy shoes, gold jewelry, poncho, cowboy boots, fur

5 tv shows that I love: gilmore girls, friends, dawson's creek, freeks and geeks,

5 bad habits: speeding, procrastinating, sleeping, not having my cell phone with me, leaving part of a drink in an open can or bottle

5 biggest joys: God, my family and friends, children, seeing beauty in the things around me, movies

5 favorite toys: ipod, computer, dvds, car, scene it

4 people I'm tagging: sorry about this...but i'm chosing...robyn, jeremy, julie, micah (just because i haven't heard from you in forever!) any one else that reads this can play the game. just copy and paste...then keep on tagging

updated answers

this post will be updated as new answers come in.

correct answers so far and who guessed them correctly...
1. julia stiles (robyn)
2. my big fat greek wedding (exbf)
3. ashton kutcher (amy)
4. johnny depp (exbf)
5. renee zellwegger (robyn)
6. john cusack (exbf)
7. george clooney (emily)
8. david duchovny (amy)
9. jim carey (amy)
10. matthew broderick (exbf)
11. mark ruffalo (exbf)
12. courteney cox (exbf)
13. the breakfast club (exbf)
14. patrick swayze (exbf)
15. jennifer garner (robyn)
16. brittany murphy (exbf)
17. chicago (exbf)
18. catherine zeta jones (crystal)
19. drew barrymore (crystal)
20. robin williams (crystal)

remember...questions that aren't guessed automatically go to me!

point tally

ExBF - 10000pts (i think my friends are pissed cause you guessed them all)
robyn - 3000pts
emily - 1000pts
crystal - 3000pts

Saturday, September 10, 2005

movie trivia rules

just to make sure everyone is on the same page, i'm going to establish some trivia rules.

1. anyone can play
2. no cheating!
3. answer the questions by leaving a comment (you don't have to have a blogger account, but make sure you put your name so i can award you points).
4. first to comment with the right answer will be awarded the points.
5. points will be posted and answers will be updated.
6. if no one guesses the quote correctly by the time given, the points automatically go to me.
7. final points will be added to the sidebar.
8. red questions have not been answered...that means they're up for grabs.
9. have fun!
10. play pretty!

movie trivia rules

just to make sure everyone is on the same page, i'm going to establish some trivia rules.

1. anyone can play
2. no cheating!
3. answer the questions by leaving a comment (you don't have to have a blogger account, but make sure you put your name so i can award you points).
4. first to comment with the right answer will be awarded the points.
5. points will be posted and answers will be updated.
6. if no one guesses the quote correctly by the time given, the points automatically go to me.
7. final points will be added to the sidebar.
8. red questions have not been answered...that means they're up for grabs.
9. have fun!
10. play pretty!

movie trivia mania round 1

get ready to have some fun. below, there are 20 questions regarding movie trivia. most of them are about specific actors or actresses, but there are a few about movies. the first person to answer the questions right will receive 1000 pt for each correct answer. red questions have not been answered. answers will be posted in a few days. have fun!

1. this female star has played the main female lead in 3 remakes of shakespeare plays.

2. in the fall of 2002 this film surpassed dances with wolves as the highest grossing movie never to have hit number one at the box office.

3. this actor worked for general mills sweeping cheerios dust from the floor in his hometown of iowa for $12 an hour.

4. when this actor was engaged to winona ryder he got "winona forever" tattooed on his arm. after their breakup, he had the n and a surgically removed so it now reads "wino forever."

5. in 2000, this actress was in the bathroom when it was announced that she was the winner of a golden globe award.

6. this actor has appeared in 8 movies with his sister and 10 movies with his best friend.

7. this actor says he will never get married again, nor have any children. michelle pfeiffer and nicole kidman both bet $10,000 each that he would be a father before he turned 40. they were both wrong and now years later, it's still yet unknown whether they paid up their bet.

8. this actor played scholarship-level basketball during some of his high school and college career. he had an accident while playing basketball in high school which damaged his right eye. he uses dye to keep the pupil from dilating too much.

9. as a child, he used to wear his tap shoes to bed just in case his parents needed cheering up in the middle of the night.

10. this actor was dating jennifer grey during the filming of their movie where she plays his sister.

11. this actor was set to appear in the movie signs but had to drop out when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. his part in signs went to joaquin phoenix.
following brain surgery, (where the tumor was found to be benign) he fully recovered after suffering from a partial facial paralysis.

12. this actress was paid $350 for her part as the "surprised" girl pulled from the crowd to dance with bruce springsteen in his 1984 video "dancing in the dark."

13. director john hughes insisted that the entire cast and crew of this film eat their meals on location in the maine north high school cafeteria.

14. this actor's mother is a famous choreographer. he began his career as a dancer appearing in "disney on parade" as prince charming. although he's known for his tough guy roles, ironically, he's probably best known for a movie where he plays a dance instructor.

15. while this actress was filming a stunt for a movie, she became tangled in the wires that were helping her do a flip and she nearly crashed into a wall that she was supposed to flip off. her costar rushed up to her, grabbed her, and pulled her away from the wall before the accident could happen. she then commented "it was like he was superman."

16. this actress' date to the high school prom was jonathan brandis of "SeaQuest DSV" fame. she didn't have a breakthrough film appearance until clueless. she was apparently "clueless" when she showed up to the premiere wearing her own red dress and lipstick because she didn't know about stylists.

17. the director of this musical wanted (18.) this actress to wear her natural long hair in the movie, but she insisted on the short bob. she explained to people magazine that she didn't want her hair to fall over her face and give people a reason to doubt that she did all the dancing herself.

19. steven spielberg is this actress' godfather. for her birthday he gave her a quilt with a note that said "cover yourself up". enclosed was a copy of the january 1995 issue of playboy magazine for which she posed nude, with the pictures altered by spielberg's art department so that she appeared fully clothed.

20. this actor famous for his comedy was voted "Least Likely to Succeed" by his fellow graduates at larkspur. ironically, he has been voted funniest man alive by entertainment weekly in 1997 and listed as one of entertainment weekly's 25 best actors in 1998. he was also ranked #7 in star tvs top 10 box office stars of the 1990s.

(info taken from

Friday, September 09, 2005

quote of the day

this one is worth 500pts. to the first person who gets it right.

"You want to know the secret to surviving air travel? After you get where you're going, take off your shoes and your socks then walk around on the rug bare foot and make fists with your toes."

"Fists with your toes?"

"I know, it sounds crazy. Trust me, I've been doing it for nine years. Yessir, better than a shower and a hot cup of coffee."

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

avoiding the inevitable i know i haven't posted anything about hurricane katrina. sometimes the things that are nearest to our hearts are the things that are hardest to put into words. over the past week i've been watching the tv, reading the paper, looking at pictures, and i can't stop from refreshing yahoo news every couple hours to see if there's any new articles. as my eyes fill with tears and as chills make the hair on my arms stand up and my stomach ties itself in knots...i just can't stop reading. there are people in these areas that i know. for the most part, i think everyone is safe...but there are a few people i haven't heard about. the cities of jackson and clinton where i spent my summer were both effected by the storms. over the course of the summer i definitely grew to love the area and the people there. it's so sad to think that people i met are in the midst of this disaster. mississippi college was also hit by the storms. a friend who was on support staff there this summer sent me a link on their website that shows pictures of the campus after the storm. here's what she had to say,

"It's been a little crazy around here. Hurricane Katrina hit us last Monday, and she definitely left her mark. We had all of last week off of school, and the school still doesn't have complete power (Alumni Hall still doesn't have power). My dorm was without air from Monday-Friday, and then we didn't have power for about twenty-four hours on Thursday and Friday. However, we were very fortunate."

i spent all summer walking those sidewalks to and from bible study, worship, dinner, and nite life. to see the campus all torn up and covered with trees and limbs is crazy. but i also know that compared to other areas, it's not that bad. i also have friends who were in school in new orleans. it's just so overwhelming that i haven't been able to write about it. there's so much i want to write and say about it all, but right now i just feel so helpless. i know that all i can do is continue to pray for the people who've been affected by katrina.

who turned off the lights?

i was just getting ready to go on a walk. but i realized it's totally pitch dark outside. i know that 2 weeks ago it wasn't getting dark until 9:20. so weird how quickly things change. i was absolutely amazed that it's only 8:45 and i can't see anything outside because it's so dark. weird.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

commitment phobia

so if you'd asked me years ago if i was all about commitment, i'd have quickly answered with a "yes." no questions asked...nothing to think about.

there are a lot of things that totally contradict that in my life. i realized a few years ago that i had commitment problems, not necessarily in relationships, but in life (as far as relationships go, i don't have a lot of room to compare). i've never really liked having a set plan. i tend to live by a "fly by the seat of your pants" philosophy. i don't usually plan out my weekends. and if i do make "plans" i don't usually commit to them. i put them in the back of my mind with the intent that if nothing better comes along, then i'll do said plan. i think i've done this for as long as i can remember...but i remember noticing it a few years ago. the more i realized that i did it, the more i realized that i have a problem commiting.

i was thinking about this earlier today. my goal to move to nashville started out as a plan. but it's turned into a commitment. when robyn made the decision to move, i had to jump on the boat right that moment and commit to moving. although nashville is a dream i've had since before graduation, it's now a committment i've made. it's something i want to stick with...not to just overcome being a commitmentphobe...but because it really is something i've wanted for so long. part of me is so incredibly excited. part of me is terrified. i'm afraid that if i don't find a job soon i won't be able to afford to move. it scares me. maybe in other instances it's not so much fear of commitment...but lack of interest...or fear of failure...who knows. whatever it is, i'm ready to commit and succeed.

question of the day

if your life was a reality show, what would it be called?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

marching band and beyond

i just found out that DCI is going to be broadcast on prime time on ESPN@. check it out here. i think that my heart actually skipped a beat when i saw that. seriously. if you didn't know me during high school, then you won't really understand how big of a part of my life marching band was.

we weren't your typical marching band. we had a tradition of winning, a reputation for coming out on matter what. while i was in high school, we carried on the tradition, and we carried it well. we might have been cocky and egotistical, but we should have been...we were good.

last weekend, the town i grew up in held it's annual festival. on saturday morning i went to the parade, mostly to bring back some old time memories. they were great memories. as i watched the local high school bands march down the street, there was this tremendous sense of pride that welled up from somewhere deep in the pitt of my stomach. just by watching them, i knew that there was no way they could ever be the band we were.

this time of year always brings back those memories. i get excited when the weather gets a little chill in it. when it's warm until the sun goes down...too cool for just a tee shirt and jeans, but add a jacket or sweatshirt or sweater and it's just right. i call it "football weather" but it's funny because in refering to football, i still always think of marching band.

it would be a awesome to go back and be able to relive some of those experiences. there are so many to choose from, i wouldn't even know where to start...probably somewhere in the state championships, national championships area. i guess i'll always have the memories, the pictures, the videos, the cds. and i guess now i have DCI on ESPN2 to help relive the good ol' days of my high shool past.