Thursday, September 15, 2005

an affair to remember

so i've done almost everything possible to increase my chances of winning tickets to the premiere for the new movie elizabethtown. i'm a huge cameron crowe fan. i love him. i've only been talking about this for over a year now. i was incredibly disappointed when i found out they were filming only a couple miles from my house last summer, but where was i? working camp. i did entertain a few thoughts about coming home just so i could be here...then i realized that was definitely under the "psycho fanatic" category. so i stayed put in charleston and tried not to think about it too much. so now that it's almost time for the movie to be released, there's all kinds of buzz around here...and i'll be honest, i've been eating it up. last week when i heard there would be a chance to win tickets, that's all i talked about for about 6 straight hours.

one of my best friends in the world (let's call her hussie) has betrayed me. hussie hates going to the movies. she doesn't know actors or actresses names unless they're brad pitt or julia roberts. hussie can go to the movies and walk out of the theater and call me and i can ask her what she saw and she won't know the name of it. hussie could never play my movie trivia games because she'd never know any of the answers. hussie thinks movies are a waste of time. (gasp...i know!) in fact, just last week hussie was talking about how dumb she thought the trailer for elizabethtown looked. now first off, she has no basis to judge a trailer for a movie she doesn't even care about seeing. second, she hates almost all movies, why should this one be different. and third, why does she feel the need to criticize it in front of me knowing how excited i am about it.

so hussie calls me up tonight and starts the conversation by saying "you're going to hate me for this."

now i don't know about you, but starting off a phone conversation like that probably isn't going to end up going i say the only thing i know, "what?"

it turns out her friend candy won tickets to the premiere and asked hussie to go with her. yep, i had to pick my jaw up off the floor. and after that...i still had nothing to say. i sat there in shock, even after i'd hung up the phone. talk about a blow. she should have just punched me in the probably would've hurt less.

it's hours later and i still feel like my best friend is having an affair with my first love...movies, directing, hollywood, the red carpet...
she swept in quietly and stole my love right out from under me. sneaky sneaky, hussie...

i have to get my love back!


Sarah Beth said...

Amy, You are hysterical! This is Sarah Beth Caraway!!! I just saw your link on Ryan's site! I thought I'd come check out your blog and say hi! So HI!!! I can't wait to see this movie too! It should be cute! I hope you are doing well!

Stuart Borders said...

Amy, I am very upset too. I know it's tough to know a movie ticket is going to be wasted on hussie. Thats really too bad! i am sure you will get to see it soon enough. Hold your head up kid. :)

Big Mike Lewis said...


You're funny. I added you to my links.

amy said...

okay, so she's not really a hussie. i was just upset. and it still breaks my heart. especially since i talked to her earlier and she's not even excited!!!! grrr...yeah, i'm bitter. give me time, maybe i'll get over it.