Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Nashville "Gas Crisis"

Okay, okay…so someone started a rumor in Nashville Friday that by the end of the day, the whole city would be out of gas. Well…pure pandemonium broke out…and what do you know?! By Friday evening and into Saturday, 95% of Nashville gas stations were out of gas. You know what I think? It’s absolutely absurd! posted this article yesterday.

When I left work Friday, I probably passed at least a dozen gas stations on my way home. Every single one of them was out of gas. I was curious if the Kroger near where I lived had any, so I turned to go into the parking lot. I couldn’t even get in the parking lot. If I’d wanted groceries, there would have been no way for me to get in. There was a lady from a local restaurant asking people if they wanted to place an order while they wait. Um, seriously?! What in the world.

I decided that my 1/8th of a tank was going to have to last me…at least for the night. I went to hang out with some friends. On the way home at 2am, I decided to count the number of gas stations I passed. 19. All of them out of gas except for one of the sketchiest stations in the area. They had 2 pumps and there were at least 40 people in line. Did I mention it was 2 in the morning?!

Yesterday, I decided to venture out. I passed the same Kroger with the same line. I’d guess that people who were in that line were waiting at least two hours. I was afraid if I got in line, they’d run out. There were at least 100 cars in line. I continued driving. I passed about 40 gas stations and none of them had gas. Finally, I saw a gas station with gas. The line was about half a mile long. 20 miles later, I found another gas station. At this point, I didn’t think I’d find another one with gas. So I sat in the line that blocked one lane of traffic, cut through the Bank of America parking lot, to where there was a man directing traffic, across a blocked road, and into the gas station parking lot. 40 minutes later, I had a full tank.

I had some friends who opted to sit in line at my option 2…the half mile line. They waited over an hour.

Apparently, they’re saying that Nashville probably won’t be back to normal until Thursday or Friday. Well, as much as everyone is freaking out…who knows how long it will be. Every gas station that gets a shipment in has a million people lined up. I guess I’ll just be waiting this one out!