Monday, September 26, 2005

will someone please get the phone?

the phone keeps ringing. from the time i sat down at the computer to check my email and log into blogger, i've had to get up to answer the phone three times. that's three times in about five minutes. that's absolutely ridiculous. i used to be the kind of person that would jump up the second the phone would ring. in fact, it was like a ridiculous game i'd play just to see if i could grab it before the second ring. of course that started around the same time it seemed necessary to talk on the phone 20 hours a day...right around the time jr high came around. the same time me and my friends would get on two different phones to call the boy one of us liked, while one of us talked to him and the other one sat quietly on the other phone just inches away trying to muffle the laughing into a pillow. then the invention of three way calling came about and it was much easier.

of course now, the phone seems to ring constantly, but it's rarely for me (and if it is, it's usually my dad). so why bother to even pick it up. the bad thing is, there's no caller id in the basement, so i never know who it is unless i answer it.

the last call went a little something like this...
me: hello.
girl: i just missed a call from this number.
me: um, i'm sorry. i don't know who it would've been. (i'm the only one home, so either she didn't just miss it...or a ghost is calling her.)
who is this?
girl: paige.
me: well, i'm sorry, but i really don't know.
girl: okay.

i didn't know that people did that. i guess that my younger brother probably called her house or something, but i've been the only one home for an hour. what am i suppose to say to her, "do you know my brother?" that's weird. anyway, i just thought it was random.

it also reminds me of the time i had a cell phone stalker. one night my cell phone rang really late, probably around 2 am or something. i was asleep, but i answered it anyway (which doesn't happen very often). and this guy on the other end said "hey! what are you up to?" i remember telling him i was sleeping and he appologized. he asked who he dialed and i remember saying my name. and then it was obvious he had the wrong number. upon realizing this, he tried to have a conversation with me. he was asking where i lived and all this weird stuff. i think i ended up hanging up on him. i was asleep, so i really don't remember. then a couple nights later he calls back. i answered the phone before i looked at the number and even if i had, i probably wouldn't have noticed it was the same guy anyway. i answered and he said "hey amy!" yeah, he knew my name because i'd told him before cause i thought i knew who it was. anyway...he ended up asking me questions again. i don't really remember what i said, or if i hung up on him or if i just let him talk. i do remember not answering any of his questions. so a few nights later in the middle of the night my phone rings. i recognize the number this time so i don't answer. apparently there was some drunk dialing going on because on the voice mail there were a bunch of guys saying stuff, and then cracking up. this ended up going on for a couple weeks with a few more sporadic calls. i ended up saving the number in my phone as FREAK so when he'd call i'd know not to answer. eventually, the phone calls stopped altogether.

there's no point to that story, or any of the ones above it actually. i think i had a thought i was going to blog about, but obviously it turned into a post about phones. anyone else have any amazing stories about phones? if you do, post them...or better yet, email them to me and i'll post it as a special guest post on here. yeah, i don't know where all this randomness is coming from. someone, quick, entertain me!

but it is monday, so i suppose it's time to post some trivia! i think i'll do that now.

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