Friday, September 16, 2005

Movie Trivia Challenge #2

okay, by now, you should know the rules...but just incase, i'll explain once more.
*anyone can play
*no cheating
*answer the questions by leaving a comment
* points will be awarded and posted by the person who has the correct answer first
*if no one guesses the quote correctly by sunday at 12pm EST, the points automatically go to me.
*red questions have not been answered

questions about actors and actresses - worth 2000pts each

1. this actor is an amateur magician, which he once demonstrated on a jerry lewis telethon. he has also performed magic tricks on carson, letterman, & leno.

2. this was the only person to appear in every episode of "dawson's creek."

3. during an appearance on "the oprah winfrey show", he announced that he and minnie driver broke up, even before telling her in person, just before the oscars. minnie found out on air.

4. this was the first actress to have a movie and a music album hit number one in the same week in 2001.

5. a picture of her was used to create ariel in the classic disney movie the little mermaid

6. this actor was originally cast as the voice of shrek in shrek and even recorded the dialogue. however, after his death, the role was given to mike myers

7. before his first big tv show, this actor was a boxer and was still fighting professionally during the first few seasons. he is known in the boxing world for scoring first round knockouts over earl harris, joe marcetti, ralph garcia, ray bryant, tony rodriguez, billy perez, and max hord.

8. before he became an actor he was a qualified hairdresser. in his new jersey hometown, one of his relatives ran a hair salon with the relatives of another actor from his neighborhood, jack nicholson.

9. this actor is known for his offbeat comedy, but in high school he was a cheerleader at rancho alamitos high school and was known for his "king tut dance."

10. this actress married boyfriend robert cohen in 1992 at a las vegas drive-in chapel as a joke. they had gone to vegas with the rest of the cast of "the ben stiller show" and decided to get married along with some of the other crew members. after their relationship ended they never officially got divorced.
identify what actor or actress played the following movie characters
worth 1000pts each
11. cliff poncier - singles
12. mary - eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
13. henry roth - 50 first dates
14. captian koons - pulp fiction
15. dr. chase meridian - batman forever
16. mr. mertle - the sandlot
17. corey mason - empire records
18. private adrian caparzo - saving private ryan
19. carole bradshaw - top gun
20. merrill hess - signs
correct answers (and who guessed them)
1. neil patrick harris (amy)
2. katie holmes (robyn)
3. matt damon (emily)
4. jennifer lopez (robyn)
5. alyssa milano (amy)
6. chris farley (robyn)
7. tony danza (amy)
8. danny devito (amy)
9. steve martin (emily)
10. jeannene garoffolo (amy)
11. matt dillon (robyn)
12. kirsten dunst (robyn)
13. adam sandler (robyn)
14. christopher walken (amy)
15. nicole kidman (emily)
16. james earl jones (robyn)
17. liv tyler (robyn)
18. vin disel (amy)
19. meg ryan (robyn)
20. joaquin phoenix (robyn)
for this game...
robyn - 13000pts
emily - 5000pts
amy - 12000pts


emily said...

2. joshua jackson
3. matt damon
4.I have no idea, for humor I'm guessing Mandy Moore.
9.eddie murphy
10.jimmie kimmel

emily said...

no wait maybe 9. is steve martin
ok i don't know 9

robyn said...

1. harry anderson
2. katie holmes
4. j. lo
5. geena davis
6. chris farley
8. john stamos

11. matt dillon
12. kirsten dunst
15. uma thurman
17. ethan embry
19. meg ryan
20. joaquin phoenix

robyn said...

those are my guesses... i may come back to them later... i'm not sure about some of them...

robyn said...

13. adam sandler (?)
16. james earl jones
18. jim caviezel (?)

i just thought i'd guess some more after i thought about them... i realized i didn't put mr. mertle... i can't believe i didn't get it the first time...

robyn said...

i'm so retarded... i was thinking corey with a c - because of the marc/mark thing... duh...
17. liv tyler

idiot... gosh!

robyn said...

5. kirsten dunst (would you have used her twice? and i'm thinking i heard this somewhere, but i could definitely be wrong... just thought i'd give it a shot)
7. mr. t. (duh... i pity the fool)

emily said...

1. Harry Anderson(Night Court)
15.nicole Kidman