Monday, September 26, 2005

movie trivia monday (#4)

you know the rules. anyone can play. 1st to comment with the right answer wins the points. all unanswered question's points automatically go to me on wed at noon. red questions are up for grabs. no cheating. have fun!

movie taglines - 1000pts
1. love means never having to say you're sorry.
love story - robyn

2. the coach is waiting for his next beer. the pitcher is waiting for her first bra. the team is waiting for a miracle. consider the possibilities.
bad news bears - robyn

3. an adventure 65 million years in the making.
jurassic park - robyn

4. open 'til midnight.
empire records - robyn

5. somebody said get a life... so they did.
thelma and louise - andrea

6. the music is on his side
footloose - andrea

7. how do i loathe thee? let me count the ways.
10 things i hate about you - robyn

characters (all about the bobs) - 500pts

8. bob woodward - all the president's men
robert redford- robyn

9. robert 'bob' paulson - fight club
meatloaf - andrea

10. bobby ray - sweet home alabama
ethan embry - robyn

tv trivia - 1000pts
11. what was stephanie tanner's middle name on "full house"
judith - emily

12. what street did the conner family live on in the tv show "roseanne?"
delaware - andrea

13. in the show "7th heaven" what was the camden's dog's name?
happy - emily

14. who was the only brady to ever have a kissing scene?
bobby - andrea

15. buffy summers lived in what fictional town?
sunndydale - robyn

16. what was the name of rosco's basset hound on the series "the dukes of hazzard?"
flash - emily

17. who was alex p. keaton's role model?
richard nixon - andrea

18. "the jeffersons" was a spin off from what tv show?
all in the family - andrea

19. this singer sang the theme song to "pee wee's playhouse"
cyndi lauper - andrea

20. name the hangout where the gang from "saved by the bell" spent their time. the maxx - robyn

robyn - 8500
andrea - 7500
emily - 3000


robyn said...

1. love story
2. bad news bears
4. empire records
5. the outsiders (?)
7. 10 things i hate about you
8. dustin hoffman
10. ethan embry
14. greg
17. ronald reagan
20. the max

robyn said...

11. rebecca (?)
13. lucky
15. sunnydale (?)

robyn said...

3. jurassic park (?)

emily said...

11. judith
17.madeleine albright
18. i don't know but i could sing the theme song to it...moving on up...

andrea said...

18. All in the family
19. Cyndi Lauper
16. Flash
9. Meatloaf
5. Thelma & Louise
6. Footloose

andrea said...

14. Bobby Brady

andrea said...

17. Richard Nixon

andrea said...

12. Delaware

robyn said...

8. robert redford?