Thursday, September 22, 2005

reproduction is weird...

i have a step-sister i've met twice. i also have a stepbrother who's my age that i've never met. it's strange. what's even stranger is that she's 2 years younger than me and today she had two twin little girls. her and her husband already have a little girl who is 2.

a couple weeks ago i went to a family gathering for my cousin who was home from iraq for some r&r. he got to come home for a few days, so his mom threw this big get together before he had to go back. we were close growing up, and he even lived with us for a little while. he was kind of like my "older brother." he had a little boy, then got married, had another little boy, and got divorced. he's only 26.

his younger brother is 6 months younger than me. he grew up living with his mom in iowa, so i didn't really know him until they moved to ky when i was in high school. he came and spent a lot of time at our house when they first moved because it was close to the school and they weren't really settled yet. it's weird because i always saw him as this goofy, irresponsible cut-up. he's been married for five years and they just had their third kid a few weeks ago. he'll be 24 in a couple months. it was weird watching him with his wife and their two boys and their new baby girl. weird because he's younger than me. weird because he's been married for 5 years. and weird because he has three kids. but i think what makes it weirder (and cooler) is the fact that they're happy. i know that sounds kind of weird. but it seems to be the exception with most people that have kids that young (especially that many)...or maybe people in my family or people i know. but they did things the right way, the way they should be. they got married first, then had the kids. it's just neat to see it and to see them play together and love each other. but it's still weird because i can't imagine having three kids right now. i can't imagine even being married. weird.

this is a really random post. i was just trying to say...everybody needs to stop having kids. it's weird.

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