Tuesday, September 27, 2005

only lorelai would name her dog paul anka

i seriously can't get enough gilmore girls. today was the release date for season 4 on dvd. and although i don't have a really cool story like andrea, i did come up with a way to add it to my collection of tv shows on dvd.
i might as well just mark today as the official "gilmore girls day" because not only am i the owner of season 4, but i did something crazy last week. i signed up for a free trial of netflix. it's good for two weeks. so my brilliant idea was that i would use my two week free trial to rent gilmore girls season 3 since no video stores carry them. so i signed up for my free trial and then it was time to pick my dvds. but then i realized that each disc in the season counted as 1 dvd and there are 6 in a season.

so i went out today to find the red netflix envelopes just chillin' in the mailbox. the first three discs of season 3 were here. yay! if i can manage to watch them all in a couple days, then i can send them back and get the other three of the season before my trial subscription runs out. plus, my mom surprised me by buying me season 4. AND, today is tuesday, so it was a new episode at 8pm...therefore making today "gilmore girls day!"


andrea said...

who needs a cool story?? you've got them now! oh, and i want to be a certified fan too!!!!

amy said...

i got the cool little "certified gilmore girls fan" thing from taking the quizes online at http://www.gilmoregirls.org/quiz.html
if you get a perfect score, then you get one. i found it when i was looking for gilmore-isms for season 3 since i got it, but no booklet. any idea where i could find them?

andrea said...

no, i don't know where you could find the booklet. that's a shame too, because that's one of the best things about having the dvd's!