Tuesday, April 27, 2004

i heart jesse hicks!

today was a fun day. i spent it in polo with my friends. i like it there. the world seems so much simpler when i don't have to think about what i'm doing. i mean, packing boxes seems second nature...so i really don't have to give it much thought. last weekend, i invented a new game. it's called "do you know jesse hicks?" here's the rules: you ask someone if they know jesse hicks. he can be whoever or whatever they want him to be. they can know him in a number of different ways. the only real rule is to be creative. by the way, jesse hicks is made up. i made him up. now i'm sure somewhere in the world there is a jesse hicks. as a matter of fact, i'm sure there's lots of them. but this game is funny because it usually goes like this:
"do you know jessie hicks?"
"jesse hicks? that name sounds so familiar."
"yeah, we were talking yesterday and he said he knew you."
"hmm...does he have brown hair?"
"i think i might have had class with him."
or..it could go a number of different ways. what makes the game so incredibly funny is that almost everyone you ask will say that they either know him or they've heard of him...because they don't want to risk looking stupid. it's rather hillarious and it shows how silly we are. i made up the game last sunday night when some people were sitting around my apt. and i didn't know anyone they were talking about. i wanted to join in the conversation, but i had no clue who they were talking about...so jesse hicks was born. then shea and i introduced the game to andrea. we had a good time playing today at work. andrea even went so far as to have jesse paged over the intercom. man, what fun! i'm going to miss those girls.

i also got this really awesome card today. it really made me smile from ear to ear. you can check it out here! thanks, jeremy!

Sunday, April 25, 2004

do you ever wonder about the sense of smell? i often wonder about how we know the smell of someone...or the smell of someone's house. i've heard before that the sense of smell is the most powerful of all of the others and that it triggers our memory. the way other people's houses smell often sticks in our brain. i walked into an antique shop the other day and it reminded me of the way my aunt faye's cellar smelled. have you ever noticed how you can't seem to pick up your own scent though. i have no idea what my "smell" is. when i walk into our apt. i really don't smell anything...but when i walk into other's houses, i can pick up right away their familiar "smell."
earlier i was thinking about what my life would be like if i hadn't made the decisions i did. it's kind of fun to play the "what if" game in your head. or at least it is for me. the decision i made to come to western definitely seems the best scenario out of these lives. i mean, honestly...i can't see myself anywhere but where i am today. because of my experience i have met so many friends and come in contact with so many things i never would have had a chance at if i had gone anywhere else. i was an RA, i worked camp, i had the best roommates, i wouldn't change any of it. i got incredibly involved at the bsu, and rsa. worked with some amazing people through hrl...and eventually lived with 2 of them. i got involved at a church i absolutely love. the things i've done and the people i've met are irreplaceable. there's no way i'd take any of it back. even the job i complain about constantly has it's benefits...look at all the great people i've met!

Friday, April 23, 2004

i'm sitting here listening to ben folds! man, i think he's freakin' awesome! he is actually playing in louisville in may, but i unfortunately will not be attending. although it would be a great show.

i just spent like forty minutes reading the blog of one of my closest friends from high school. it makes me really sad because i have kept in touch with absolutely no one except brooke, and we weren't even exteremly close in HS. most of the people i was good friends with are married and have kids or live with their significant others, or are in jail. it's just so weird to think that someone who shared almost every aspect of my life has absolutely no idea what i'm doing right now. i was reading jon's blog and all i kept thinking was "man, he's so much the same person, but he has changed so much." i mean, is that really possible? can we stay the same person, yet change at the same time? i'm 22 and i'm still trying to figure it all out. i can't imaging settling at this point in my life. i just wonder what people who knew me at that time in my life would say about me now. i have changed a lot, but i think there are a lot of things about me that i still enjoy from that period in my life. so many things running through my brain at a hundred miles an hour right now, but there's no way possible i could ever put them all into words, so i'm going to stop right there.

ben folds five- philosophy lyrics
"maybe i'm thinking myself in a hole,
who I am when I ought to know
straighten up
now time to go
fool somebody else
fool somebody else"

Thursday, April 22, 2004





thanks walmart for putting my pictures onto a cd! you rock!
let me know which one you like the best!
i expect comments on this post!
after work i go to walmart to pick up my pictures. i was so excited about getting them back and i figured i should pick up some stuff i needed while i was there. so i run in really quick, get the stuff i feel like i can't live without (frozen pizza, tortilla chips and cheese dip, trash bags...), then head toward to register to check out. at this point my running total for how many times i'd been nearly run over with a cart stood at 6. despite all that, my spirits are still at an okay level. of course i get in line behind a lady who bought every single item in her cart (which was full to the top) with coupons. so i stand there and give her my "polite yet fake" smile, while deeply sympathizing with the cashier who definitely was not thrilled to be there. my turn comes and i place my items on the conveyor and the guy starts to scan them and place them in the bags. the whole time he's ringing up my purchases, i'm searching for my debit card. i can't find it anywhere. so then i start freaking out. i'm thinking to myself the whole time "it has to be in there, i don't know where else it would be!" so i quickly apologize to the guy and ask him if i can run out to my car to get my checkbook. he looks upset with no sign of sympathy in his face, which makes me feel even more stupid than i already feel. i run out to the car in the pouring rain and grab my checkbook, flip to the back of it and there are no checks. i don't use checks often and i remember writing my bills out last month and using the last one. at this point my brain is going a million miles a minute..."what do i do, should i just leave? or do i go home and get it and come back? do i need to tell him?" i decide the best thing to do is go back in and tell the guy so he's not just standing at the cashier with my junk. i walk up to him rather embarassed and i tell him the situation...he is not happy at all. i felt like such a stupid airhead. he flips the light on and another guy came over...i explained the situation and he said he was going to take it to customer service and i could just pay for it when i came back with the money. "don't worry, it happens all the time," he said. i'm sure it happens to people all the time, but me? it's not an everyday occasion. anyway, i took care of it all and it worked out fine. needless to say, my quick trip to walmart turned into an hour long event and i had a bad case of road rage on the way home.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

question of the day!
if your life was a made for tv movie, who would you cast to play you?
my answer...katie holmes!
so i got an email today from brent about the position i have been wanting to apply for. they're still not 100% sure that the postion is will be open in august, but at this point "they are pursuing it as if it will be." so that means that i received an application. once i reviewed it and read over the description of the job and the responsibilities (which i think i am most capable of handling), i read back over the "preferred experience" section. this is not my favorite part of the application. i've never been a site director, so i'm lacking in that area, i've never written letters for grant proposals, so i'm lacking in that area, and i've never been responsible for setting up community ministry. although i think these tasks are something i can totally handle, without a shadow of a doubt. but the thing that gets me about looking for jobs is how are you suppose to ever gain experience if you have no experience. but in order to get experience, you must first already have experience? yeah, it's totally confusing. anyway, this job is something i know i would love, and i think i would be good at. there are so many things about this position that i think i could handle well...like the creative aspect. i think i'm a fairly creative person, i love brainstorming ideas and coming up with fun stuff to do, planning programs and such, which i do have experience from being an RA (i even won an award for one of my campus wide programs!). i have experience with inventory (thanks to martin!), answering phones and making calls (thanks to HRL), brianstorming and compiling ideas (thanks to God for wiring me that way), and leadership experience (thanks to the BSU). overall, i think that i am qualified and the parts that i don't have experience, i am certainly willing to give it my best shot. this postion has been something i've been praying about since oct. but at this point i still have no idea where God wants me in august. i totally trust Him enough to know that i will be where he wants me, but at the same time, it really is a scary time in my life. i hate feeling like i'm inbetween lives...no longer a student, but i'm not actually out in the job world yet. i mean, i know that i have a job right now, but i want something that challenges me, something a little more ambitious. the life i'm living right now is teaching me so much and i know that God is preparing me for what lies ahead, but it is such a relief to know that i don't have to do it much longer. it will be a huge relief when i go to camp. i'll feel so free and i'll have such a lighter load to carry. i was thinking about this as i was driving today and i kept thinking about what jeff preached on sunday...how we just have to have faith and trust God to do the things we can't do. it was soooo good and it hit home hard for me. in exodus, it talks about how moses and the people had to rely on God for everything...and in their trust, he provided for them. he provided them with manna, water, and he also provided for them by allowing them to cross the red sea. In exodus
19:5-6 it says "Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession. although the whole earth is mine, you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation." God's desire is for us to be holy, to be his treasured possession. how awesome is that? anyway, the whole trust thing was my focal point for dealing with all the thoughts of inadequacy i have been having today. i know that satan grabs hold of all my fears and shoves them in my face so i can dwell on them and i hate him for it. but i have to do what i need to do to place them behind me because God wants me to trust in him to provide for me everything i need. i'm trying to do just that, but i am only human, which means i'm prone to sin, which sucks a whole lot!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

my birthday is coming up soon (okay, so i't not til june), so i thought i'd compose a list of things that would be great to get for my birthday. hey, a girl can dream, right?
my wish list:
dawson's creek season 3 (comes out june 29)
toyota 4 runner
donald trump's old book -the art of the deal
louisa may alcott - little women (hardback)
rip stop tote from old navy
old navy flip flops (every color...size 7)
olympus c-740 digital camera

another fun list for the night
top 5 favorite cereals:
cinnamon toast crunch
capt'n crunch
basic 4
cocoa pebbles
grape nuts

okay, so my post earlier about not being a touchy person stirred up some emotions with someone. i don't want them to stop hugging me. i was just venting about certain people and the things they do that annoy me. this person, i will let remain anonymous, but it's only because i love them! so for them, i guess i need to clear this up. for the most part, i'm not a "touchy" person. i'm actually not even close. after taking the love languages test a few years ago, it was confirmed that i am 100%, as much as a person can possibly be...quality time. i'm all about some quality time. hang out with me, show me that you love me. that should be my motto. the first time i took the test i was like 13 possible out of 13 for quality time, while i was only 3 physical touch. the last time i took it (which was last semester) i was only 1 physical touch. how does a person loose the need for physical touch? i'm not quite sure. in order to clear things up a little...i am "touchy" with some people, while others i'm not. i'm sitting here thinking about it and it's not that i like some people more, but i think it has to do with the comfort level i'm at with that person. hmmm...maybe not. because there are people i've known for a long time and that i'm close with that i don't hug regularly when i see them. i can think of specific people who i see regularly, that i absolutely adore that i don't hug. but i can think of a bunch of people i don't know well or see often that i hug every time i see them. i'm exteremly affectionate with my family though, but my closest friends, not so much. now i'm even more confused about this whole hugging thing. i think it's a phenomenon that i just can't figure out tonight. i honestly have no idea. but if you are a person who hugs me, don't stop...maybe i can develop a new found love for the physical touch.

Monday, April 19, 2004

do you ever have one of those days where you just want to have an out-of-body experience and watch yourself to see how dumb you really are? well, today was definitely one of those days. i can't say that i'm the best at handling certain situations, especially when it comes to dealing with twenty and thrity something year olds who act like they're five. i mean, they act like i love working there or something...but that's beside the point. the point is, i was frustrated and i hate it when i let people get under my skin like that. i do this thing where i get really frustrated, then mad, and then i just want to be left alone because if anyone else makes a comment to me about it, i explode. i think that's pretty much what happened today. kind of like when i'm really upset. i've been told that i'm an unemotional person so many times in my life...what exactly is that? i definitely have emotions, so i don't really understand where they're coming from. i've never really been one to cry a lot (except when i was little and i'd throw tantrums). i do my share of crying, but i try to not waste it on stupid stuff. it seems like i try to ration out my best cry sessions. you can't have too many episodes at once, or you'll become labeled an "emotional person." this title does not hold well with me. rather, i'm the person who gets really mad and then tears just start exploding out of my eyeballs uncontrollably. there's usually no warning sign...it just hits. crying makes me mad. and i absolutely HATE crying in front of other people. i hate it when they ask me if i'm okay because my first reaction is to reply with "do you think if i were okay i'd be crying?" but then i realize they're just trying to be nice, so i try to cut them some slack. i also hate to be touched when i'm being "emotional." don't hug me, don't rub my arm, don't pat me on the back. i am not your dog. i know some people like to be touched and it makes them feel loved. but it's not me. this is an issue i'm trying to deal with, but at the moment, i just don't deal well with it (i'm not much on the physical touch aspect, although i wish i were). when i do cry, i wish to be in the privacy of my own home with my trusty pillow in hand. it's always been good to me during my times of need. but i think i'd rather be more like a man and not let my emotions get the best of me. but even i, cute little amy, have my days where i just can't handle it. today, was definitely one of those days.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

this was the greatest weekend i've had in a really long time. today, after church i went with john fisher on a short drive. the original plan was to picnic in the park, but after a few complications, we decided to just go to el mazatlan (at least i think that was the name of it). so we had ourselves some great mexican food and then drove around some more. wow! what a beautiful day it was. after john left, i drove around taking pictures and ended up at the park. i called jeremy on the way out there and guess who was at the park reading. jeremy (who i miss a whole big bunch)! so i hung out with him for a while. we walked around took some pictures. it was just one of those days where you realize how awesome God really is. i was taking these black and white photos of flowers, trees, the lake, some kids...and all i could think of was how amazing and intricate each of those things really are. like how the trees can grow so tall and they can twist and turn and at the same time be so incredibly strong. or how flowers bloom. some grow close together, but some are scattered away from everything else. or babies learning to walk how they just kind of waddle and unexpectedly fall, surprising even themselves. just comes once again to prove that the mighty creator has great plans for everything and he did even long before he created anything. it's so hard to see the plans he has for me right now. i know that he has some amazing thing planned for me, and i know that i just need to be patient and wait it out. but it's so hard. i just want to know. i know that it will all work itself out...just need to give it time. and that's what i'm going to do.

so the rest of my day consisted of dropping my film off at the good ol' walmart. then i ventured home to watch a movie, but my dear friend, shea, called and ended up stopping by. it was a wonderful surprise. we ended up playing a few games of scene it...which was incredibly exciting. and that was my absolutely wonderful weekend!

Saturday, April 17, 2004

today was the highlight of my week. i went to see jersey girl with shea. i must say that i definitely understand why that theater is now only a dollar. i mean, seriously, they should be paying me a dollar to watch a movie there. i didn't realize how bad it was until today. man, no wonder they're struggling to stay open. they definitely can't compete with great escape. the guy behind the booth selling tickets had a baby with him (i'm not sure, but the last time i checked, most jobs wouldn't let you take your kids). the baby was wearing what looked like a bathing suit with a hula skirt. no, i'm not kidding (although i wish i was). the guy hands us pink tickets that looked like they were for a carnival ride. so we walk in and go to the left to find our theater. looking up to the signs to find where jersey girl was playing, we get the second hint that it's ghetto theater. there 's a white piece of paper taped up with a huge piece of masking tape that had "my baby's daddy" scribbled on it, almost unreadable. we giggle because we realize why we only paid a dollar. we get to the end of the hall and still have no idea where jersey girl is playing. on our way back down the hallway we walk into a couple pitch black theaters, but no sign of a movie getting ready to start. we make our way back to the lobby thinking it's on the other side of the building. nope. not there either. so we're standing in the lobby laughing because we can't find our movie. i mean, how funny is that? we decide to ask the man with the baby when all of a sudden this mother and (i'm assuming) her daughter come strolling in with mcdonalds bags and super sized drinks. can they not read the sign that says "no outside food or drinks?" or do they not understand that it's a movie theater? i mean, there have been times where i take my own candy or even bottled water...but mcdonalds??? so of course, we laugh about that. we hear them ask to have the lights turned on in the theater for jersey girl, so we follow them back down the hallway to the theater we assume is jersey girl. there's about 7 or 8 people standing outside of the theater and i (being the smart one) decide to go ahead in to get a seat. it's so dark i can't see anything. shea's behind me and we're trying to feel our way to a seat. to make it even funnier, she had told me a story her grandma had told her about people putting hiv needles in the seats, so we're trying to feel around in the dark to check our seats. we finally sit down. it's so dark in there and we see people whipping out their flashlights and lighters to try to find a seat. we're cracking up. so we sit there for about 5 minutes and this lady comes in and says "if you're waiting for jersey girl, you're in the wrong theater!" ha. how hillarious. so we all get up and make our way out of the dark theater and into the right one. we sit down, get comfy and during the previews, the screen jumps to half screen, so we're watching the screen not being able to see anyone's head. shea related it to nanny from the muppet babies, which i found quite humorous. anyway, someone fixes it, only to leave and then it goes from full screen to "squished screen," which is what i call it when the people look really skinny and squished. it was like that for about the first 10-15 minutes, which was the whole time j-lo was in the movie, which i also found rather ironic. needless to say, the whole experience only cost one dollar!
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Which Peanuts character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Friday, April 16, 2004

how sad is it that the news here sucks so bad that today's top story is the weather. granted, it was an absolutely gorgeous day today, but still. is it seriously the only thing worth mentioning as today's top story? and people still to this day continue asking myself if i'm going to work in news. no! i hate news. especially bg news! UGH!

before working camp i had never really listened to christian music...just a little amy grant and michael w. smith along with some of my mom's old carmen tapes...which i never really cared for. so i've never really listened to a lot of christian music because i've never really liked the way most of it sounds. or so i thought. i still don't have much of a clue about it. i mean, don't get me wrong, i can definitely appreciate it, but it's not something i listen to all the time. within the past few months i've been trying to broaden my horizons within this realm of music. i really enjoy punk/alternative stuff...so i've looked up some bands and visted websites and done some research. here's what i think interests me most. this is what i've come up with:
kutless (which is kind of hard rockish)
yellow second (i just discovered...ex-member of five iron frenzy)
six days from sunday
last tuesday
anyway...they're worth checking out for those of you who have the same kinds of opinions as i do.

so i was browsing through the internet movie database and i found a bit of interesting info. it appears that my man brad pitt only made $6000 for his role in thelma and louise. that is absolutely insane. that is the movie that totally launched his career. now he's making $20,000,000 for his upcoming role in mr. and mrs. smith. that's a big jump there, mr. pitt.

be sure to take the quiz "which john cusack are you?" i ended up being lloyd, which made my day! he is my favorite. i need a lloyd dobbler in my life!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

my heart is saddened. it isn't too often that a great tv show comes along that i actually watch from week to week. this past season though, i did start to develop a love for donald trump's the apprentice. as of an hour ago, he picked his apprentice, bill, who i was rooting for. now after watching this show from week to week, only missing the first couple shows, i have developed a hatred toward omarosa. she acts like a two year old and it seems as if she deliberately tried to sabatoge kwame. i have no idea why kwame even picked him for his team, but i'm glad she didn't end up on bill's team. this show, even though i was still watching it every week seemed to be such a waste of time. i normally hate reality tv, but something about it really struck me and i still to this very minute have no idea what it was. i think at times the show lost it's credibility...and i say this because when i look at the editing, it seems as if there's so much that is controlled as well as a ton of over-dubbing. but yet i still continue to watch. i'm not sure how much the producers of the show actually did control, but it seems as if reality tv isn't "real" at all, but rather very much scripted. it's not really a big deal, because i'd still consider myself a fan of the show...so i suppose they're not losing viewers because of it. just don't bet the farm that i'll be watching the second season.
i missed kidd kraddick in the morning today . i just went to the website for an update and one of the "showbiz top five stories of the day" was the following:
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos wastes no time. She and John Stamos announced they’ve split up last week, and she’s already rebounded into the arms of John Cusack. Actually, she calls him her “very good friend” which
is Hollywood-speak for “lover.”
ugh! anyone who knows me knows that i love john cusack! and i really really liked john stamos and rebecca romijn stamos together. sad times.

today...today was a day when the world seemed gray. okay, so it was gray because it was soooo dusty. i got the great honor of cleaning today at work. i don't know if you've ever been in a big warehouse, but it collects dirt...i'm not talking about a little dust, i'm talking LARGE amounts of dust, dirt, and nastiness. i didn't think my allergies would be too bad, but being in the midst of it for about 30 minutes, i had to call it quits. my throat was swelling up so bad i could barely take medicine, i broke into a sneezing fit, and my eyes were itchy and watery. ugh. all this happened within the first hour of me being at work, which made today one of the longest days ever!!!! i'm glad it's a beautiful day outside...i'm going to go get some fresh air and play.
so my mom left with my aunt to go to louisiana today. as they were leaving, i was thinking about how great it would have been to take off work thurs. and friday and just hop in the car and go with them. the 9 hr drive would feel like 3 compared to the day at work tomorrow feeling like 23408734 hrs. blah. blah. blah. anyway...i'm really trying to be positive about my last days there, but it's just not working. i'm so not motivated. anyway, instead of going to LA, i had to go to the oral surgeon for a consultation about getting my wisdom teeth taken out. my bottom ones are growing in sideways and they're making my whole lower row of teeth crooked. these will be the hard ones to remove. my top teeth will be able to actually be pulled, which seems insane to me, but whatever, he's the boss. i'm pretty pumped about getting an iv stuck in my arm and having my gums stuck with shots. then, i get to act like i'm drunk...how fun. in all honesty, i think it's going to suck!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

so i'm really excited about seeing eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i think i'm going to do it this weekend if i can find someone to go with me. i love movies that make you think, and i definitely think this will be one that i love. last night i went to the movies with my best friend, brooke, to see the prince and me . it was very much what i expected - a cute girly movie that is exteremly predictable and very much fits the mold. although i must admit, i really did enjoy it. i'm a big fan of julia stiles and the lead guy "eddie" is a hottie with an accent. another movie i want to see is the new MGM movie saved! i've been reviewing so many articles and posts written about it. bethany first told me about it a few weeks ago and i watched the trailer. personally, i think it looks really good and i'll probably go see it anyway. the best review i've found can be viewed here.
also, tonight i caught up on my one tree hill viewing. wow! this show has captured me. it is seriously my new dawson's creek. and anyone who knows how much i absolutely love dawson's creek knows that this is major. it's still in it's first season and every week i'm captivated. great show! i can't wait to get off work on tues. and come home and sit in front of my tv to watch this show.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

i was contemplating why it seems so often when i look at people's lives who don't know Christ why it seems like they have it easier sometimes. i was thinking about that this morning and i realized that it's not that they have it any easier at all, but sometimes at first glance it seems that way. i have no idea what struggles they deal with, or what their life is like. maybe they're just great at covering up their feelings. maybe they wear a lot of masks. maybe they're just great con-artists. anyway, the more i thought about it, the more i realized that i'm the idiot. Jesus came to earth and died this horrible death on a cross so that i could have full life. i don't have full life right now. i am a christian and i try to live for Christ, but my biggest mistake is that daily i try to do everything on my own. i want to sit here and say, "sure, i give everything i own to God." but in truth, i really don't. i hand things over to him, things that bother me or burden me only to snatch them away again before i can even begin to heal from the hurts they bring me. i can't even fathom the love of Christ...it's so beyond my realm of understanding, but i know that he wants me to give him the things in my life that keep me from being truly happy in him, my job, lving situations, my future, family, friends, anything that troubles me, but i'm so stubborn in my ways and daily i have to remind myself that i need not worry about these things because it's getting me nowhere...only with the help and strength that he is going to give me will i truly be happy and fulfilled.

Monday, April 12, 2004

so today at work, lacy and i were sitting at lunch and she told me that in her psychology class she learned that people who have a tendency to procrastinate have major problems. she said the reason they put things off isn't because they're lazy, but rather because they are trying to delay stress. so i told her that i found that to be funny because i am definitely a procrastinator! so after lunch i went back and was thinking about it and realized that it's a bigger problem than i thought. not only do i put things off til the last minute, but i realized recently that i do hate to make plans far in advance. but today when i was thinking about it, it hit me...i hate to make plans in advance because if something else better comes along, then i'm stuck with plans i don't really want to do. so that would add stress to my life. therefore i think i really do procrastinate to avoid stress. hmmm...just an interesting thought.

i bought FRIENDS SEASON 7!!!!! so i'm really excited about it. watching it makes me really want to go to new york. someday...it will happen!

today's question of the day: "who is your favorite tv character?"
my answer...
.zack morris

Sunday, April 11, 2004

nothing too exciting happened today. but the easter bunny did come for a visit. i really don't understand where the concept of the easter bunny came from. i don't understand at all what the true meaning of easter, which would be the fact that Jesus died on the cross and he was raised from the dead on easter sunday, has to do with a rabbit who lays eggs. anyway, i went to google to search it, but i came across something even more disturbing. but back to the bunny...i must say that he did a rather wonderful job picking out the candy that was left for me. yum! this leads me to my top 10 candy list. now, this is a rather hard one, so they're in random order.
reese's pieces
peanut butter m&ms
reese's cups
dove dark chocolate
cadburry mini chocolate eggs
snickers bar
gummy bears
jolly ranchers

so besides candy, i also got the movie america's sweethearts which has two of my all time favorites...
john cusack and julia roberts :) i love them both so much! although john's movies were so much better in the 80s, i still enjoy watching him. and julia, i mean seriously, what can i say. i just love her.
robyn told me that i need to go see eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i really want to go see it. i haven't heard much about it other than what i've looked up online. i don't think anyone i know would go see it with me, so i might just go alone.

Friday, April 09, 2004

YAY! it's friday, and payday which gets a double "YAY!" anyway. i absolutely hate my job. there's nothing i like about it at all except for some of the people i work with. i praise the Lord that i don't have to stay in that atmosphere much longer. i'm not sure how much more of it i could handle. all the petty drama and the monotonous feel of factory work, doing the same thing every day, no windows, blah. i know that i'm destined for so much more and i can taste it. it drives me absolutely crazy to go to work every day. it's honestly a struggle to even get out of bed. i wake up every morning and just want to cry. but my official countdown now stands at 16 work days before i leave. i can't wait til that last day when i'm able to clock out for the last time and walk out of the building with a huge smile on my face! can't wait!! i've been working on my resume recently and it's pretty crazy to think that i have absolutely no idea what i'm going to be doing in august. no place to live, no job...no idea! weird. i'm not exteremly worried because this won't be the first time i've come home from the summer without an idea of what will happen in my life. i know there's a plan waiting for me though...if i'm just able to trust.
todays topic was favorite old school cheezzzzy love songs. here's what i came up with:
in your eyes - peter gabriel
i just died in your arms tonight - reo speedwagon/journey/cutting crew
i want to know what love is - foreigner
now and forever and right here waiting for you - richard marx
unchained melody - righteous brothers
wonderful tonight - eric clapton
i just called to say i love you - stevie wonder
the way you look tonight - tony bennett
i can't fight this feeling anymore - reo speedwagon
more than words - extreme

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

okay, so i've heard a lot about "blogs" so i thought it was time to start my own. but i will add a disclaimer to those who are interested in viewing it. climbing around in my head is probably a very scary thing...so beware. with that said, i suppose this will be submitted as my very first blog.