Thursday, September 29, 2005

i love surprises!

today i had to take some stuff to the mailbox and the little mail truck was sitting in front of our mailbox, but the mailman was nowhere to be seen. i was thinking he was probably delivering a package or something. so i looked at the neighbors house...not there. looked across the street...not there. then i see him walking through my yard back to the street. he had put a package on my front porch! yay!

anyone who knows me, knows that i love being surprised! and it was definitely a surprise. when robyn usually sends me things, she accidentally always tells me. so today i was especially surprised...and it was fun.

"fun happies" in my fun package...
*a homemade orange tee shirt that says "i'm not bitter. i'm just sayin'."
*a light up magic wand...with batteries
*10 sure signs a movie character is doomed
*monogramed letter "a" cards
*a really cool glittery pen
*my very awesome business cards she designed for me!
*a business card holder for my new cards!
*high fidelity the book and dvd are on loan until the move!
*a card

fun times! i'm so excited! thanks, robyn!


robyn said...

i'm so glad it made you happy... and that i actually kept it a secret... i hate that i always tell before you get them!!!

chris said...

so what r the 10 signs a movie character is doomed?

chris said...

im very impressed with your movie trivie can be my wingman anytime...

emily said...

awe that is fun...yeah for surprises!

amy said...

i told andrea that it would be fun to play scene it with all of us...imagine!

haha. wait til monday, who knows what it will bring!