Friday, September 30, 2005

i'm a huge list maker! i love lists!

i love people who know me so well they can pick things out they absolutely know will make me happy. i was so excited about my package from robyn yesterday because she knows the small (and not so small) things that make me happy. (if i haven't said it enough, i'm very appreciative of the package! it's stinkin' awesome!) but i found something incredibly interesting in the book 10 sure signs a movie character is doomed and other surprising movie lists. it's pretty much just a bunch of lists richard roeper has come up with. and some of them are quite hillarious if i do say so myself. i make movie lists like this all the time, so maybe i get more of a kick out of this than anyone else. it's a fun game i like to play. yes, i know i'm a dork and i'm okay with it.

some of my favorite lists from the book...
10 bad songs put to use in good movies
movies in which tom cruise obscures his face with grotesque makeup or a mask
10 movie character imitations men can't resist doing
5 things that happen in a movie home at the start of the day
7 movies in whic ben affleck cries like a big fat baby
movies that never played on an airplane.

no joke. how ironic, huh? so here's roeper's list...
air force one
cast away
die hard 2
final destination
passenger 57
planes, trains & automobiles
rain man
twilight zone: the movie

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andrea said...

i think i'd like that sounds awesome! :)