Monday, November 05, 2007

Mario, Pacman, and Tetris...Oh my!

This weekend, I went to Opry Mills. There in the middle of the mall was this booth with huge tvs selling plug and play game systems. The kind with all the best games...Super Mario Bros, Pacman, Tetris. Those are 3 of my favorite video games ever! Truly amazing. I have no idea why I convinced myself that I needed it in my life. And the fact that it was on sale probably didn't help talk me out of it. So...I did what any great American consumer would do...I bought it! But it really is amazing. I played Tetris for about 5 1/2 hrs straight last night. True story. No joke. I seriously wish I was kidding. :)And I wish I could tell you that right now I'm not contemplating going home for my lunch break just to play. But I'm afraid I might not ever come back to work. Do you think I have a problem?