Monday, September 19, 2005

movie monday (trivia # 3)

apparently there were some people who were upset because they didn't read my blog over the weekend and they missed out on movie trivia #2. i didn't realize that the majority of my friends (and any others) who read this do so while getting paid (meaning they read it while they're at work). so for you slackers who have complained about missing out on all the fun (and the points)...let me introduce you to MOVIE MONDAY!

today's movie monday trivia includes taglines from movies...

be the first to identify what movie the tagline comes from and you'll win yourself 1000pts for each correct answer. red questions are not yet answered. questions not answered by wednesday at 6pm will automatically go to me. as always, no cheating. have fun and play safe...


1. love is a game. easy to start. hard to finish.

2. a comedy about celebrity, family and other forms of insanity.

3. some things in life just can't be explained.

4. a comedy about fear of commitment, hating your job, falling in love and other pop favorites.

5. the true story of a real fake.

6. one of them is lying. so is the other.

7. sometimes it takes more than just good looks to kill.

8. they only met once, but it changed their lives forever.

9. she's the one in every family.

10. tonight, they're calling the shots.

------------------------------------------------------------ only word is WOW!
andrea's answered all of them so far...and she's gotten them all right. that's 8000pts. i get 2000 pts.

1. singles (andrea)
2. american sweethearts (andrea)
3. phenomenon (amy)
4. high fidelity (andrea)
5. catch me if you can (andrea)
6. how to lose a guy in 10 days (andrea)
7. buffy the vampire slayer (andrea)
8. breakfast club (andrea)
9. pieces of april (amy)
10. coyote ugly (andrea)


andrea said...

5. Catch Me if You Can
6. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

robyn said...

2. the birdcage
8. when harry met sally

andrea said...

1. Singles
2. America's Sweethearts
4. High Fidelity
7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
8. The Breakfast Club
10. Coyote Ugly

All such great movies...

andrea said...

i had to make up for my abyssmal performance (or lack there of) in the last few games!!

Big Mike Lewis said...

3. X-Files Movie?

Anonymous said...

Now Amy you know that with movies, I can never remember where the quote came from unless it's one of the few I actually quote and with music, I never know who I'm listening too...ha Here's my one and only guess though I really have no idea...

#9 My Big Fat Greek Wedding