Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm a Liar!

I was attending a conference last week and we had to go around the room and introduce ourselves. During our introduction, we were supposed to tell everyone our name, what company we were with, and something interesting about ourselves. Now, I like to think that I’m a fairly interesting person. I have all kinds of “interesting things” I could have said. But when it was my turn to take the spotlight, I completely froze. So, I did what any normal person would do….I lied.

The words that came out of my mouth were:
"I love to travel and I’ve been to 47 out of 50 states."

As I'm saying it, I'm thinking what in the world am I saying? What a ridiculous thing to make up.

So then, of course, the 60 year old man beside me is impressed.
“Which states haven’t you been to?”

My quick response “Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine. Um…okay.

There are a million things I could have said that would have been way more interesting…things like:

“I have a pet rabbit.” (I even could have elaborated and said that I thought he was a girl for the first 4 months I owned him)

“I took a spur of the moment trip to New York City on the 4th of July just to watch the fireworks with friends.”

“I stayed up too late last night watching ‘The Man Without A Face’ on TLC about a man who let tumors invade his face to the point of not really being able to live his life”

“I’ve been swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas.”

I’ve been to 39 out of 50 states.
New Hampshire
Rhode Island

I think the next time I have to tell an interesting fact, I should say, “The last time I had to tell an interesting fact about myself, I made one up.”

Can I get more pathetic? I think through all of this, I've definitely learned that I’m not really that interesting.

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Sara said...

I think you are very interesting! What about the time you discovered the Cock-a-pillar? That's noteworthy!