Tuesday, March 03, 2009

America's Biggest Jerkface

Okay, I’ll come right out and say it. I’m PISSED at The Bachelor. Not that I ever thought it was true “reality tv,” but I will admit I always found myself coming back season after season. There’s something about the fact that maybe, two people will find love. Now I also know that I’m way more cynical and jaded than that. But there’s hope out there somewhere in the depths of my soul that if Trista and Ryan did it, so can the next guy or girl. I’ll go ahead and say that I’ve never believed that it’s completely real…and that sometimes, for the sake of the show, they just have to pick someone…even if they know it’s not going to work out in the end (Take Travis for instance).

But last night was just a little too much for me to stomach. I literally was emotionally exhausted. I felt like I had been dumped.

For those who don’t watch, I’ll give you the quick recap.

Jason, went from being America’s favorite bachelor to America’s biggest jerkface in a matter of minutes. During the finale, he acted like he was torn between the final two, Melissa, and Molly. He lets Molly go, walks to the balcony and starts balling like a baby. Then, returns, proposes to Melissa. Happily ever after. Until. After the Final Rose.

After the Final Rose comes on and it’s awkward. Chris is telling us that due to respect for the parties involved, it will be an intimate setting. Um…awkward. So there’s no audience, no music, just dead silence. Jason comes out and tells Chris (and the 11 million viewers) that things haven’t been the same since New Zealand and the proposal and that he’s having doubts and second thoughts. So he is going to end it with Melissa (in front of 11 million viewers) and he wants to pursue things with Molly (if she’ll take him back).

So they bring out poor Melissa. He tells her that he’s known for a while that he made a mistake by picking her and that he’s still in love with Molly. Apparently, Melissa knew something was going on, but I don’t know if she knew what was coming or not. She seemed shocked and upset. And I think she had every right to be. There were a couple things that truly broke my heart. When Melissa said that Jason had taken one thing from her she could never get back…a proposal. Then, when she was in the limo and said that it hurt her that he didn’t find her or their relationship worth fighting for. Ouch. Then, she said that she is always the dumpee and she doesn’t understand why…that there must be something wrong with her. UGH! Melissa, it is not you! For some reason, it infuriated me. Why women get it into our heads that it’s always a problem with us. Of course, we’re not perfect, but I’d just like her to stop and look at what a jerk he is. It has nothing to do with anything she did or didn’t do.

Now, this morning, I was even more disgusted to read what Reality Steve had to say on his blog. It was absolutely appalling! Check it out for yourself. He claims to have contact with individuals close to sources that revealed that Jason told the producers that his pick was Molly when there were five girls left. The producers asked who his second pick was. Melissa was the obvious choice. So the producers devised a plan for him to take Molly and Melissa to the final rose ceremony…for him to pick and propose to Melissa. Then, break up with Melissa during the After the Final Rose and ask Molly to take him back.

(Hold on…I need to throw up.)

So it was planned the whole time. Now I’m sure this isn’t the first time something has been planned in Bachelor history…but dang. To drag someone around for six weeks making them think that you are in love with her, proposing to her, making her think that you (and your son) are going to be her new family. Then pulling the rug out from under her. That is taking it to a new level. That’s just dirty. It makes me sick to my stomach that he would mess with someone’s emotions for an extended period of time knowing the whole time what he was going to do in the end. He’s an even bigger jerk than I thought. For some reason, I was an emotional wreck after last night’s finale. I seriously felt like I had been dumped. I think if I’d been Melissa, I’d have punched him in the face. He definitely deserved it.

And I don’t even know what to think about Molly. If the rumors are true and she was in on it the whole time, then she’s a jerk too. Because there’s no way I could let the man I’m in love with treat another girl so horribly and be so deceiving.

ABC, thanks for the good times, but I think I officially have to be done with The Bachelor. I can’t handle another heartbreak.

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robyn said...

so... i was not really happy with it either... i knew something was up when steven bet us that he didn't end up with melissa... even though it was leaked that he proposed to her (clearly abc would know better than to edit the shot where it would be obvious who he picked)... and i do think it's an awful thing to do - whether it was jason who made the decision or the producers... but about halfway through the show (finale), i googled it and found out about the molly thing... and that there's a second show tonight... but i agree with you... i think it's time to stop watching - i did read chris harrison's blog (i found it on ew.com) - and found it to be somewhat interesting... but i think i'm breaking up with the bachelor and the bachelorette for good, also... i did get sucked in last season and the only reason i watched this season is because it was jason... who now i think is a jerk... i knew there couldn't be any cute and really good guys from the northwest... i never found any!