Thursday, March 05, 2009

Apparently I have no self control!

I gave up eating lunch out for Lent. I thought it would save me some money, be healthier, and all that good stuff. But mostly because I was doing it more and more for social reasons. I would bring my lunch and someone would ask if I wanted to go out for lunch and I’d go. I mean, I'll never pass on having someone to talk about Dancing With The Stars, or How I Met Your Mother. I used to never eat of for lunch. It just got to be a little ridiculous. Add to that, all of my pants are fitting a lot snugger than I’d like them to be. So I gave up eating lunch out during the work-week. I've been bringing my lunch, but I find myself needing to get out of the office. So I have been leaving the office for 30-45 mins everyday. Running errands, shopping, etc. Well, this also seems to be trouble. Today, I went to Target and came out with the following items:

U2's new cd - No Line on the Horizon
A roll of black electrical tape
Goldfish crackers
a pack of gum
coffee creamer
a squirt toy

WHAAAAT? Out of all of those things, I'll admit, I only needed coffee creamer. The rest merely caught my interest while walking through the store...bored. Bad idea.

So I decided today that maybe next week, I need to try bringing gym clothes and actually using my Y membership during my lunch break. I guess we'll see how that goes...


Sara said...

A roll of black electrical tape "caught your interest"....really???

robyn said...

for real... and i'm guessing that domino will be the one who gets the benefit of the squirt toy purchase? i got a postcard from the Y in middle tennessee asking me to come back... you'd think they'd weed out the out-of-state addresses.

Amy said...

Sadly, yes...I needed the electrical tape because that dang rabbit likes to chew on things he shouldn' my computer cord.