Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Difficult Transition

The transition back to "normal life" has been a little more difficult than I expected. I thought that I would return on Tuesday afternoon, take Wednesday off, and transition back into work and my normal routine on Thursday. Well, it's still Sunday and I still don't quite feel like I'm there.

I can't help but wonder why God has chosen me to be exactly where I am. I am more fortunate than I've ever realized. I don't have to want for much. And I've been pretty content the past three years making my home in Nashville. It's crazy to think that one room of my house holds more possessions than most of the households in the Dominican. It's just a reminder to continually praise God for the things I've been blessed with. I think one of the hardest things for that I know that eventually, it won't be in the front of my brain anymore. Over time, I will forget and get caught back up with the things I want to help "fill" my life. I just pray that I remember how fortunate I am and that I am reminded often to share what I've been given.

While in the Dominican, we were given an opportunity to help sponsor a child through G.O. Ministries. I picked a seven year old girl named Sheyla. For $30 a month, I am helping to provide a private Christain education, school books and supplies, and a birthday and Christmas present. I've already received her photo. And I will receive more information soon. I think the most exciting part of it is that if I go back to the Dominican Republic, I be able to visit her if I'd like. Pray for Sheyla! I definitely will be!

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The Old Hipster of Hardin County said...

That is a pretty cool thing you are doing with sponsoring a child.

I am happy that you did some important things in D.R. and that you made it back safe and sound. Hope you can get through your first full week back at work. Rock on.