Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back Home

I'm back home from the Dominican Republic and there are a million thoughts rushing around in my head. Our team got back yesterday afternoon. I'll be honest. It's been very strange to come home. I feel like I have so much I take for granted. While I was incredibly excited to take a shower with hot water with actual water pressure, and be able to brush my teeth with running water out of the tap, and walking into air conditioning, and sleeping in my own bed...I wouldn't have expected this, but I really miss it. It was kind of nice to disconnect and unplug from the world. No e-mail, no cell phone, no computer, no Facebook. Those of you who know me know that I'm always in touch with what's going on. But it was really refreshing to not have to worry about any of it for a while. Of course, I did come home to 89 emails (not including work email).

I really wanted to spend today reflecting and writing about my experiences, but I think I still need some time to process. I did journal a lot while I was over there, so I will type up those journal entries and get them posted (hopefully tomorrow).

I just want to say thank you for partnering me with prayers, thoughts, kind words. You are all awesome!

Thoughts on the DR to come soon!

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