Wednesday, May 18, 2005

busy as a bee

i'm not sure where the expression "busy as a bee" came from. but that pretty much describes my life the last week. i've been done with work for a week now. so i've had plenty of time to do things i need to do before camp. last week i got over half the list completed...
  • get oil changed and get new windshield wipers put on
  • take car to shop for new belt and new brakes
  • pay taxes on corolla and get tags for explorer
  • find out about payment book for loan on truck
  • pay bills
  • renew AAA membership
  • dad's birthday
  • buy new jeans
  • mail b-day and graduation cards
  • email rich about working on his video
  • get new shocks put on my truck
  • get eye exam
  • buy new glasses and contacts
  • buy a new air freshener

things i still have to get done before the weekend

  • go back to the eye doctor
  • finish M&C's wedding video
  • call paul from CC
  • copy dvd resume reel so i have extra copies
  • check spare tire for air
  • get a haircut
  • find my blue ethernet cord (so i'll have internet this summer)
  • call my aunt to make sure it's still okay i stay with her on the way
  • buy nate's graduation present
  • find beanbags
  • pack stuff
  • make cds for robyn and erin
  • get pics developed
  • take dvd to BG for M&C
  • get computer chair back from fisher
  • transfer tapes
  • answer questions for camp
  • send out my contact info for the summer

so after reading this list, i'm sure you can see why i haven't been blogging much. i've also been helping my mom put in a new flowerbed, working on bible study stuff, trying to finish reading a book, watching season 5 of dawson's creek (only when i'm laying in bed about to fall asleep), and 9 million other little things that come up in the course of a day. i haven't given up on blogging...things have just been insane, and the craziness is about to hit full force. so bear with me and keep checking for updates.

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