Monday, May 16, 2005

the bachelor

i have absolutely no idea why, but for some reason i started watching the bachelor. i think it started about 5 weeks ago when there was nothing on tv. i'm not a big reality tv fan, but there are a few shows that have been able to hook me. examples, the apprentice 1st season, the starlet, and now i must admit to watching some of this season of the bachelor. if you're my friend and you want to disown me...i totally understand. but i also know that there are others of you out there who got caught up watching this trash too. i won't name names.

for the most part, i liked charlie. i can't compare him to other "bachelors," but he did seem pretty real. he definitely showed emotions, and his sensitivity as well as his goofy, fun side. it seemed like for the most part he was more "dignified" than what i've heard about previous bachelors. i don't know why in the world anyone would want to subject themselves to a show like that...way too many emotions for me. but still...i think he handled it well...or as well as could be expected.

i was disappointed with the finale tonight though. there are a few things that i noticed that i'm not sure about. i could possibly be reading way too much into things, or i could be right on track. if you watched the show...tell me what you think.

when krisily's parents and nana were answering questions by the host, they were talking about how great of a girl she was and then her nana said something about her being "second runner up." which would insinuate that they knew that krisily didn't win. i guess it is possible that she just said it being confused, but it makes more sense to me that the family already knew that sarah was going to win. other reasons why i think this...

  • sarah's mom was talking about how they wished they'd hold off on getting engaged til they knew each other better and they had time to let their love grow.
  • krisily was too emotionally involved in the relationship to have had such amazing control over her emotions.
  • sarah didn't even looked surprised when she stepped out from behind the doors to meet charlie.

reasons why i'm still not sure if it was "live" or not...

  • charlie was shaking when he was talking to krisily and when he pulled out the necklace or bracelet to give to her as a gift.
  • it's very likely that krisily new that charlie wasn't going to pick her because he'd cut most of his contact with her. she even said that she hadn't seen him in a month. she must have known he was going to pick sara. so it could have been a gut instinct.

i guess it doesn't matter because it's over. i'll admit i wasn't a fan of the 3 hr finale. it definitely dragged on forever. there were definitely things that made it uncomfortable, even to the viewer.

  • after krisily was told she wasn't the winner, they kicked her out of her own dressing room to go stand in the hallway with her shoes. then the camera just follows her as she stands there wandering the halls.
  • krisily's mom says she "feels sorry for her." i thought that krisily handled herself very well and she said she didn't have any regrets. she even talked about how much she'd learned about herself and about how she deserved a great why was mom feeling sorry for her?
  • when charlie told sarah how he felt, he was just sort of mumbling stuff. they both kind of stood there in awkward silence. sarah didn't even say anything or take the ring until charlie asked if she wanted it.
  • they spent more time on the rejection of krisily than they did the celebration of sarah and charlie. it was so built up (for over 2 hours) then there's a huge letdown and it felt very anticlimatic. they could have shown clips from the two of them that weren't ever aired.
  • which leads me to the next point...i think krisily will end up being the next bachelorette. there has to be a reason they showed her and the way she handled it...then continue to interview her and her family for so long.

i'm pretty much just composing my thoughts on this show and tonights episode. i was just wondering what general thoughts on this are. yeah, i realize that i haven't posted anything of substance in a long time...and when i finally get around to doing's about the bachelor. that should tell you how exciting my life is right now...huh? hopefully more fun to come soon.


galojay said...

You should have just watched the final episode of Everyone loves Raymond instead. A lot more entertaining and a lot less drama!!

Chad said...

I'm ashamed to say that I too watched the finally of the Bachelor. But, let me explain. I got home at almost 10 o'clock and my room mates girlfriend was watching it. I tried to see if we could watch a movie or something instead, but to no avail. I sat through an awfully long time of watching this show. You're right. It was anti-climactic. And it was definately not "live" when I watched it. Stupid west coast time. Oh well. I wouldn't be surprised if Chrissily was the next Bachelorette. She's very pretty, but seems high maintenance...I've talked about this for far too long now...

robyn said...

i love that the only two people who have commented are guys... i sat through most of it, but i sat through most of the season... but mostly laughing at it... we'll see what happens with crissily... her grandma - wow... i think it's a family of high maintenance women!!!

amy said...

keep them coming guys...haha. jeremy...don't deny it. i know you were watching the bachelor. :)

by the way, jeff, i've never watched everybody loves raymond.

Jeremy said...

Ok - so I watched 15 minutes of one episode of the bachelor. I only watched 15 minutes because I fell asleep for the remaining time. I am a little upset that I missed Everybody Loves Raymond - it is one of my favorite shows and I messed the season finale! Kind of upsets me. If I can ever afford it I will have to buy all the seasons on DVD.

Speaking of drama Jeff - there sure was a lot of drama on the Haven not too long ago :) If I could post (which I have tried for years to get a screen name and being such a devoted fan I deserve one I mean I have camped out inside diddle for 2 years for NCAA tickets, sat on the front row on the bleachers when they were in Diddle for the majority of home games) but I'm not bitter on anything - however if I could post I would have started a Bring back Topper Jeff campaign. Its just not the same anymore. If you decide not to come back can I have your name :) just kidding.

emily said...

I really didn't watch much of the bachelor, but I did watch the finale. that's 3 hours of my life I will never get back. I don't know why I was suprised at the end thinking crissly might be the one he picked instead of sarah. she will probably be the next bachelorette....who knows...this show continues to go on....