Thursday, April 14, 2005

on being dumped

have you ever had a best friend who started dating someone? let's just be honest. it sucks. i want to be so happy for her, and i am. seriously. she really deserves a great guy and i think that he's closer to what she needs than anything she's ever had before. i love hearing her stories about how sweet he is and about the little things he does for her. i love watching her face light up when she talks about him and how she goes into "silly girl mode" and talks a mile a minute. i really am happy for her. i just wish that i still got to spend as much time with her. i feel like i'm being dumped...and i don't like it. i know that it's just me being a dumb girl and feeling rejected and i know it's not like that at all...but that's the way it feels sometimes. maybe part of it is knowing that i don't have that, and maybe part of it is wishing that i did. who knows...all i know right now is that i'm missing out on my quality girl time, and i miss it a lot.

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robyn - the coolest friend evah! said...

i'm sorry... i know how it feels... i wish i lived closer... we'd hang out non-stop... :)