Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"had it been another day i might have looked the other way"

I've just seen a face - the beatles
I've just seen a face,
I can't forget the time or place
Where we just meet.
She's just the girl for me
And want all the world to see
We've met, mmm-mmm-mmm-m'mmm-mmm.
Had it been another day
I might have looked the other way
And I'd have never been aware.
But as it is I'll dream of her
Tonight, di-di-di-di'n'di.
Falling, yes I am falling,
And she keeps calling
Me back again.
I have never known
The like of this, I've been alone
And I have missed things
And kept out of sight
But other girls were never quite
Like this, da-da-n'da-da'n'da.
Falling, yes I am falling,
And she keeps calling
Me back again.

okay…so i have no idea why, but for some reason a few days ago i saw this suv at this dealership and i had to stop and look at it. i’ve been thinking about getting a new car for over a year now and i’ve seriously considered it numerous times. i’ve been looking at escapes, and grand cherokees because i really like those the best, but there have been others that have caught my eye. and that’s exactly what happened on my way home from work a few days ago. she caught my eye and i just had to stop. i thought that it was an escape, but it turned out to be a ford explorer sport. it’s a 2000 black, 2 door (so it’s not quite as long as the regular explorers). i stopped and checked it out. it’s got some miles on it, which is probably why the price is so low. i went out there with my mom today and i test drove it. i like it a lot. there doesn’t seem to be any major problems with it at all, except the front passengers seat has been torn on one of the seams and sewn back together and there are a couple other small things that you’d find with just about any used car, but nothing serious. The guy at the place was really awesome and i feel like he was very honest about everything. it’s the same place where my grandpa gets his cars (buying used cars is like an extra hobby for him) and he keeps going back, so there has to be some credibility there. he even said that they’d had it looked at and everything seems to be in great shape, but that he wouldn’t mind if i wanted to take it to my mechanic to have it looked over. he also said that if i decide to trade in my corolla they can give me $2000 for it (seems about right since the 'rolla seems like she's ready to croak soon). that means i'd be paying less than $4000 plus the trade in. so now i’m trying to decide what i want to do and what the best decision for me is. it’s hard. it seems like a great deal. i need to decide what i want to do and see if i can get approved for a loan without a cosigner. who knows…that’s it for now.


Micah d. said...

Wow, a car...
what's it like to have one of those..?

Jeremy said...

You should join the explorere family. I love mine!

amy said...

micah, i'll sell you the 'rolla! :)

amy said...

jeremy, i might just do that. then our cars will have to be friends...

emily said...

My new to me car as of Feb is a rolla' does that make our cars friends? or maybe a younger sister?

Jeremy said...

Yes our trucks can be friends because that means they get to hang out and if our trucks hang out then that means that we get to hang out which is good since we haven't hung out in a long long time which is bad and sad. I just hope our trucks get along better than our phones do.

amy said...

emily, if our cars could have met, i'm sure they would have been great friends. unfortunately, they never got the opportunity. althought i'm pretty sure your camry was a distant cousin to my corolla. :)

amy said...

our trucks better like each other better than our phones. our phones are enemies...arch rivals...out for blood. they hate each other.
my explorer is pretty. :)