Saturday, March 19, 2005

sweet 16

sometime soon i might blog about something of more interest that basketball, but it's about all i've been doing.

the texas tech vs. gonzaga game threw me a little bit. when i was filling out my bracket, i had texas tech winning, then i erased it and put gonzaga. i need to learn to go with my first instinct, it would have saved me at least 2 games.

i'm hoping oklahoma will pull off the same kind of game texas tech did. there's 4 mins left right now and i'm thinking that there's definitely a chance.

i'm also hoping that uk plays better tonight than they have been. if they don't get their stuff together and cincinnati comes out fighting, they might not be able to pull it off. they really need to start playing some basketball.

as of right now i'm still okay as far as my bracket goes except i had gonzaga winning the next game, then losing to wake forest. i guess we'll have to see about that. i also had kansas winning and then playing u.conn with u.conn winning. so as long as u.conn wins, i'll be okay.

my picks for sweet 16 teams
boston coll
oklahoma state
gonzaga (they're out...ugh, i shouldn't have changed it)
wake forest
n. carolina
kansas (seriously, who had bucknell to win?)
u. conn
oklahoma (not sure about this one at the moment)


Jeremy Atwood said...

You can still cheer for the best team in the state of Kentucky - WKU. They are still playing in the NIT, which is the basketball tournament for all the top teams which did not make it to the NCAA. GO TOPS - UK SUCKS!!

amy said...

why do you have to keep leaving mean comments, jeremy. i'm sensing some serious hostility.

Jeremy said...

I'm not leaving mean comments. I could never leave a mean comment on my good friend Amy's blog. However, one of the things I hate the most in this entire world in the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

emily said...

jeremy...why do you have so much hatred towards the CATS?

robyn said...

i can't believe you have such strong hatred for uk, jeremy - but i have about the same hatred for the university of arkansas...
my sweet 16 teams are:
Alabama (already out)
Oklahoma State
Gonzaga (out, again)
Wake Forest (out, too)
Kansas (this one, too)
NC State
Syracuse (who knew about vermont?)
Oklahoma (they're out, too)

i don't know why i felt compelled to write it all out - just for the record, i guess!

Jeff said...

take the hatred that Jermey has for UK, multiply it by like 100, and thats my hatred for UK.

Jeremy, you're getting cooler every day.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for having my back Jeff - people think it is insane to hate UK. Ok - so here it is, everyone wants to know why I hate uk. Ok here are the two reasons in no particular order.

1) Not so much UK but the Big Blue Nation. University of Kentucky fans are the worse - almost as bad as UT fans, but not quite. They are rude and arrogant and are the most fair weather fans I know. If UK loses one game they are ready to fire Tubby. I was always anti UK, but not so out spoken until the WKU vs UK game which I was at. That pushed me over the edge.

2)The second reason I despise UK is because I am loyal to my school. My school is Western Kentucky University - contrary to popular belief WKU is not a step down from UK. In their last matchup WKU beat UK. So the fact that UK acts like WKU doesn't exist adds to my hatred for them

While I could go on for days that is it in a nutshell. I hope you all don't hate me too much.

I'll close with the words from our state's song "Stand up and cheer for this is dear ole western's day."

amy said...

that is not our state song. i'm thinking you meant to say school song. and that's not even the school song. perhaps you meant school cheer?

amy said...

eww...why is my picture on here. i don't like's weird.

jeff said...

Jeremy, good start, but let me add....

My main hatred for UK has very little to do with athletics, although you are right about uk fans, but has more to do with academics. UK has done everything in its power to limit WKU. Why does WKU not offer any doctorate degrees... UK. It took YEARS for WKU to get an Engineering program, and we only got it with an agreement to partner with UK on it, as in UK controls it. UK has used its Frankfort pull to limit funding to WKU. UK is threatened by WKU. If UK could have their way, WKU would still be Western Kentucky State Teachers College, or worse yet, Western Kentucky Normal School.

I cannot support any institution that wants nothing more than to hold back my alma mater. Wants nothing more to suppress our achievements. No other WKU grad should be a fan of UK either, with all their little tricks they've tried to pull in the past. I will always hate UK.

Btw-- as far as I am concerned, Stand up and Cheer for dear old Western is part of MY state song!

emily said...

definetly right when speaking on TN fans, they are crazy crazy folks. Ok yeah I know the whole deer hunter theme is the cameo with the deer hunter orange, but only in TN do you see folks dressed going to the football game in Knoxville dressed as if they're going huntin', not just cause it's cold fb time but that's the norm.. we may just have to agree to disagree on UK, I cheer for dear ol' WKU but I still cheer for the big blue to.

amy said...

yes, we are all going to have to just agree to disagree. emily and robyn and i will be uk fans...and jeremy and jeff, you can be fans of whoever you want. :) on the side, em and i will also continue to cheer for our alma mater. when i was taking comm college classes, the school was actually part of UK. so i guess in some way, i went to school there as well.

Anonymous said...

OKAY OKAY OKAY...evidently I need to check Amy's blog more often so that I can defend UK as soon as the insults start and not days later...I need to keep on top of things. Here it goes Amy's blog, Jeremy "poopy" Atwood, and Jeff who I don't think I know...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE UK...I grew up eating, breathing, and loving UK...I come from a small town who loves UK, a family who loves UK, and a church family who loves UK (we let out early if UK plays at noon). It's okay for people to "hate" UK because I HATE Duke with as much passion as you all seem to hate UK.
I am an alumni of WKU just like everyone else (except Robyn I think)that has commented. I went to WKU because it was cheaper, it was close to my small town so I could visit often, it offered my degree, and it was convenient. I loved the time I spent at WKU and have absolutely no regrets in going there. I love cheering on WKU in sports too! :) I know each word to WKU's fight song and don't even know all the words to UK's (probably because no one sings it every five seconds at their ballgames).
I will always cheer on WKU and be glad I went there. I don't necessarily get upset that they are being cheated out of academics, I guess I never realized that actually. Anyways, to end my rambling, I love UK, I bleed blue, and hope to always live in the "Big Blue Nation!"

And just for Amy so she can make fun of me again...I have a shirt that says "Ain't no basketball like Kentucky basketball"

And yes, Jeff and Jeremy I did go to the UK/WKU game the year WKU won wearing a WKU shirt (forgot UK hat in the I know...(and yes jeremy, i was ready to fire tubby his first year and any bad games after that :) ) But I love ya'll because I know you love the Lord, just know that God loves UK too or he wouldn't have painted the whole sky BLUE!! :)

~Ashley :) C-A-T-S CATS,CATS,CATS!!

amy said...

i knew you'd have my back, ash! thanks. and you do know that i'm only making fun in good spirit. and if you weren't so country, i wouldn't love you because you wouldn't be you!
so how 'bout that high-falutin lady in flarda?