Monday, March 21, 2005


it's late. i can't sleep. not that i've tried, but i know myself well enough to know that right now there's no way i'd be able to fall asleep. i get anxious about the dumbest stuff. it doesn't even have to be stuff i'm excited about, i just get anxious. i've always been like that. i remember when i was little i'd always get worked up about stuff that would be going on the next day at school. i'd lay in bed and just think about it over and over until i could feel my stomach turn. i'm still the same way and i don't know why. i start the new job tomorrow. i'll be honest, i'm not excited about all. i can think of a lot better ways to be spending my time, but...i guess we have to do things we don't like sometimes. i'm hoping that it'll be better than i'm expecting.

random info for those who care...
yahoo news just reported that john delorean, the car inventor died. you'd know this car as the time traveling machine if you were a big back to the future fan.

i found myself in a conversation with someone the other day about sarah jessica parker's new gap ad...the one where she's singing the song from flower drum song. you might know it better by the lyrics "when i have a brand new hair do, with my eyelashes all in curl, i float as the clouds on air do. i enjoy being a girl..." anyway, sarah jessica parker is getting the axe from gap and singer, joss stone is replacing her as the new gap girl. ouch.

meg ryan and billy crystal were voted the best on screen couple of all time for their roles in when harry met sally.


Crystal said...

If I had married Billy Crystal, then my name would be Crystal Crystal, and I could sign my name Crystal2. (thats supposed to be squared, but I can't make the 2 little, but you know what I mean).
Billy Crystal makes me think of Astronomy and Bohuski, what a crazy man!! But without astronomy I might not have you, and I might have never found out that Brandon liked me!! LOL
i love you Amy t

amy said...

ooh ooh...great memories. maybe i'll dedicate a blog to you in rememberance of our days with that nutcase. :)