Saturday, March 19, 2005

bloggin' basketball

i've been having some problems logging into blogger the last few days. so i wrote this last night but couldn't post it, so now that i'm able to get it is.

some of you may not be very excited, but i'm going to do it anyway. it's just about all i've been doing over the last few days. when i filled out my bracket, i really wasn't sure about some of the teams. apparently a lot of people weren't so sure about some of the teams. most of the time i'm a big fan of the underdog, even at the expense of my bracket.

so here's a bit of a recap...

uk vs. eku.
i was so impressed that eku kept up as well as they did. they played a great game. i was talking to my friend who works at eku who is in indianapolis for the tournament yesterday and he said there was a point when eku was only down by 6 where he wasn't sure who to cheer for. too bad wku isn't better this year, then ky would have 4 schools in. that'd be fun.

most interesting games so far...
uw-mil - alabama
W. virginia - creighton
kansas - bucknell

games i have lost on my bracket so far...
texas - nevada
alabama - uw-mil
lsu - uab
pacific - pitts
charlotte - nc state
standford - miss state (i should have listened to you, will.)
syracuse - vermont

but none of them mess up my picks for sweet 16.

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