Monday, March 21, 2005


i'm so tired. it's 8:30 and i'm ready to go to bed...and i probably will...very soon. i didn't sleep much last night, maybe 3 1/2 or 4 hrs. hopefully i can make it through this post. maybe not...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

okay, okay...i'll let you in on todays happenings, then i'll make my way to the comfort of my bed and my down comforter and my pillow.

i wasn't sure what training for this job was actually going to consist of. i knew that we'd be learning about what it is we're going to be spending out days doing, but that's it. there's 2 training classes going on right now. there's about 16 or so people in my class and from what i can tell, we seem like a fun bunch of people. very diverse, very talkative, and overall we just seem fun. we did this icebreaker this morning where we were given an index card with a person's name on it and we had to go around the room and look for a name that matched ours. i was bart simpson, so i had to find my lisa. once we found our partner, we had questions of the back of our cards we had to share with each other, then we had to introduce each other to the class. so now everyone knows that my favorite movie is say anything, my favorite tv show is gilmore girls, and that my favorite book is the outsiders. i love learning silly facts like this about people, especially about their favorites. i think you can learn a lot about people from these things.

other fun things that happened today include buying new jeans (yay!), eating lunch with brooke, getting a new drivers license (with a pretty decent picture!).

okay, i'm going to go veg in my bed until my pretty little eyes shut and i fall asleep, i'm sure it won't be long.

now...your job is to leave me a comment and answer the following questions (for those who've been asking, you can log in under the "other" category to put your info if you don't have a blogger account).
1. name
2. favorite movie
3. favorite tv show
4. favorite book
5. something random about yourself


emily said...

name: emily r.

favorite movie: the sandlot(ranks up there), ferris bueller, singing in the rain

favorite tv show: the cosby show

favorite book: I'm a dork and went the
children's book route, but it would be Oh the Places You'll Go! by dr. suess,

something random: I once won a red ribbon at the ky state fair in 4-H for my PeanutButter Cookies in 4th grade.
( maybe I missed my calling maybe I should be a chef, hmmmmmm)

Jeremy said...

Name: Jeremy George Atwood

Favorite Movie: Braveheart

TV Show - tie= Andy Griffith Show and Cosby show

Favorite Book - of course the Bible, then Holiness of God by RC Sproul and then ANYTHING written by John Piper

Random Fact - my hometown of Liberty is home of the world's largest Apple Pie

Jeremy said...

Glad to hear your first day at work went better than expected. As I said last night I was planning to call and see how it went, but I just now got home. We are having special services at church all week. Tonight was awesome. Richard Oldham from Glendale was the preacher. He is one of the greatest pastors in BG having been at Glendale for 48 years now. Bowling Green has been blessed with amazing preachers - so in Amy Thomas fashion here is a list - here are the top 5 preachers in Bowling Green and I have heard a large majority of BG preachers.

5) Jamie Ward, Hillvue wed nights
4)Kevin Hash, Burton Memorial
3)Steve Ayers, Hillvue
2)Steve Hussung (I know I spelled it wrong), Rich Pong,
1)Richard Oldham, Glendale

robyn said...

1. name: robyn michelle scivally
2. favorite movie: my top 3 now are bridget jones' diary, say anything, garden state
3. favorite tv show: gilmore girls (or friends if we're counting old school)
4. favorite book: right now is probably blue like jazz by donald miller... ever? pride and prejudice - jane austen (maybe)
5. random fact? - evidently i can't answer a question with just one answer - so here's my second random fact - i don't eat red m&m's...

jeff said...

Name: Jeffrey Thomas Baynham

Favorite Movie: several.. Remember the Titans, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Rudy, Hoosiers, i'll stop there

Favorite Tv Show: Seinfeld and The Wonder Years.. all time favs

Favorite Book: Brothers K (I am reading it right now)

Random Fact: Let's see... Amy has yet to comment on MY blog! Oh, little known fact.. I went to UK for a semester (GASP!)

jeff said...

Jeremy, good list of preachers. Bro Steve is definitely outstanding.

When is your church going to get Paul Washer back in town? Now there is an AWESOME preacher.

LEAH said...


Jeremy said...

Hey Jeff - yes Paul Washer is one of the strongest preachers I have ever heard. I do hope to get him at my new church very soon (I'm not at Burton anymore). However, believe it or not Jeff we had a guy at Burton last fall who I like better than Paul Washer. His name is Michael Durham and he is from Paducah - he and Paul Washer are good friends and run in the same circles. He is awesome. The last sermon I heard him preach was one on cd and he was bashing the 4 spiritual laws booklet - this guy is hardcore. IF you want shoot me an email at and I will send you some sermons from him.

Chuck said...

Name: Mister Lizard
Favorite Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Favorite TV Show: It's pretty much all crap. I do like Teen Titans, though.
Favorite Book: Something Wicked this Way Comes by Ray Bradbury.
Something Random: I used to be a candyman and nearly cut my pinky off opening a container of liquid sugar. I also have my own blog at

amy said...

jeff, just for the record...i posted on your blog sometime over the weekend. i believe it was on the bucknell post. apparently someone doesn't check their comments. :)

jeff said...

I stand corrected.

amy said...

i was only joking. no hard feelings.

Katie said...

1. Katie
2. Drop Dead Fred
3. Buffy
4. The catcher in the rye
5. I live on the Isle of Man and I just spent my evening line dancing. I also like lists.

Ashley (reece) Bailey said...

When I posted the "UK comment" I didn't realize Jeff was Jeff Baynham, I should have known...I know you HATE UK! :) HA HA So from now on, just know that I know who Jeff is!! HAHA
And I believe we know some of the same people...Jessica and Jeff me sometime, it's

galojay said...

ok Ashlee, I just found this... I will e-mail you.