Saturday, February 12, 2005

more useless knowledge

i was going to post earlier, but i started reading random facts about marilyn monroe. i have no idea why, or how i even got there...but about an hour later, here i am. i guess that's probably how i waste most of my day. since i don't really have anything to do, i fill my brain with random trivia. and you wonder how i'm so smart!

did you know...

- even thought you always hear her name was really norma jeane baker, her birth certificate actually read norma jeane mortenson.

- she was married to james dougherty, joe dimaggio, and arthur miller.

- marilyn used to wash her face up to 15 times a day. she used to apply vaseline or olive oil on her face when at home, because she thought her face would remain fresh and young.

- she didn't like to show her hands on the screen, because she thought they were fat.

- she used to brush her teeth with baking soda every day to whiten them.

- she never swam in the pool of her brentwood home.

- in a photograph of her from 1946 it appears she has a sixth toe on her right foot. some claim she had the sixth toe surgically removed shortly thereafter. other state marilyn had five toes on each foot (including her first husband).

- "probable suicide" was the official verdict of her death, however many believe that she was murdered...some even suspect the kennedys had a part in it.

- she hated her blonde hair and only dyed it because her agent convinced her to. as time went on, her hair was bleached so much it began to fall out, so it was styled shorter and wasn't as thick in her later films.

- her mother used to tell her that her father was clark gable. she actually met him on the set of 'the misfits' and she called him 'daddy' until he told her that he was definately not her father.

- she had endometriosis.

- the burial plot next to hers was bought by hugh hefner for $85,000.

- she had to wear two pairs of white underwear for the infamous blowing up dress scene in the seven year itch.

- she was good friends with actor rock hudson. he was upset that he wasn't permitted to attend her funeral due to dimaggio's wishes.

- frank sinatra was asked to be one of the pallbearers, but due to a falling out with dimaggio he wasn't allowed to attend the ceremony.

i also read other stuff about her autopsy, weird happenings of the day she died, testimonies from her housekeeper and handyman and some other random stuff.

but i guess it will remain a mystery...was it suicide or murder? i guess anybody can have their own opinion, sort of like the deaths of other famous stars...elvis, for instance.

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