Thursday, February 10, 2005

fun times

my little trip to nashville was so much more of a blessing than i would have ever expected, so now that it's over, i'm really glad i went.

last night stephen helped me get a first version of a decent resume reel completed. okay, so he practically did it for me while i sat there and watched. but after a year of meaning to put one together, it's finally done. now if i can track down some of my missing work, i'll have something a little better to add to it.

i stayed at bethany's house last night, but i didn't see her because she was in bed before i got there (at 2am...3 my time) and was gone when i got up. i slept in a little and took my time getting ready. then i headed downtown to LW to do a little visiting. i got there in time to meet emily for lunch. i wanted to visit some other people who worked there and i wanted to see bethany in the flesh (plus i had her key). i found out she'd already taken her lunch break, so i made my way upstairs where i ran into a amy k. from my staff last summer and she introduced me to my director for this coming summer. it was exciting to meet her and talk to her for a few minutes, so i can't wait to see what the summer brings. when amy k. introduced me she said "you're going to love having amy on your staff. she's so incredible and fun and she's one of the most passionate people." it was so good to hear her say that. not in a prideful way at all. but it's nice to know that what i love to do the most shows through enough for someone else to see it. plus, passion has been somewhat of a reoccurring theme in my life lately.

so i make my way to bethany's floor and sit and chat with her for a while. it was so good to be around people that love me and genuinely care about me. we talked about our crazy times out west and relived some of the good memories (and a few of the not so good).

after that, i started heading home, making a pit stop in BG. i was hoping to see some people i knew and there had been talk about meeting ashley and amanda for dinner. i pull off the interstate with 2 hrs to kill before time to meet the girls. so i head to church (the one thing i miss the most about that town) to see if anyone is in the office. i was in luck, jc was there. he wasn't in his office when i got there, but i was told that he'd be right back. so i took a seat and waited. a few minutes later he comes walking through the door. he stops in his tracks, looks a little surprised and screams "hey! what in the world are you doing here?" i surprised him a little bit, so it was fun. while we were sitting there chatting, john fisher came in. stopped dead in his tracks and yells "amy thomas, what are you doing?" it was a great surprise for me! it's been a while since i've seen him and it's so much better to see someone in person than hear their voice on the phone. we went to starbucks for a little while and killed some time. it worked out perfectly because i was suppose to meet ashley and amanda at 5 and he had to go to class. by the time i met the girls for dinner, i was already feeling so blessed. we had a great time, we talked a lot, and we giggled even more.

days like today it's hard to see people i care about and realize that they care about me just as much. it's hard to be in a place with no constant friends or support group...that are person. email is great and phone conversations are great. but it's not the same. you can't give someone a hug, you can't look into someone's eyes and see how much they love you over the phone or by email. as much as it is to have great friends who i can always count on to listen to my dumb stories on the phone, or share silly emails or chat online with, it's not the same as having a real person there in front of you. today reminded me of those people and how amazing they are, even if it's only once in a blue moon when i get to see them. plus, it reminded me how great hugs are.

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