Wednesday, February 09, 2005

okay, okay...i'm leaving now

i'm suppose to be going to nashville. i should have probably already left because i was going to stop in BG and visit some people. the problem is, i'm not really motivated to go. it's raining and gross. driving in the road makes me sleepy. rain makes me want to put on slow music or lay around in my pajamas and watch movies...not drive.

i'm headed down to meet my friend stephen, who is going to help me get a sample reel together. it's something that should have been done about 2 years ago. i had originally planned to get my crap together on mon and tues night and go through it and make sure it was all there. but then i was babysitting all day and by the time i got home i was so exhausted. i'm sure being a huge procrastinator in situations like this doesn't help.

these next two days are going to be weird for me. hopefully everything that needs to get done will happen. i still haven't heard back from one of my profs about getting copies, so hopefully that will all work out without much hassle.

now i really don't want to go!

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