Wednesday, January 05, 2005

verbal vomit

when i'm stressed out or mad or even when things in my life are just crazy, i have this need to tell someone about it. verbal vomit. it's where i verbally vomit on whoever is willing to listen to me. sometimes it's over pretty quickly. other times it takes a while to get it out of my system.

the other day, i called robyn on her lunch break. as soon as i found out she had a few minutes to talk, out came the verbal vomit. i went on and on about job hunting and how frustrated i was...what my possibilities were...what i wanted to do. finally i had to just stop. i realized i'd been going on and on for about 15 minutes nonstop. on HER lunch break.

i was just talking to will on instant messenger. he asked how things were going and i immediately went on a rampage of how there's so many people in my house and how it's driving me insane. did i stop there? nope. i continued to tell him about the bathroom situation, what everyone does all day, and how we have no clue when they're leaving. i'm sure he really cares.

i have a bad habit of telling things that are absolutely irrelevant to what i'm actually even talking about. then i get on a roll and by the time i'm done, i've told them way more information than they ever cared on hearing in the first place. then i appologize. they act like they don't care, but i know they do. so to all my friends who listen to my constant verbal vomit, i'm sorry. i love you and appreciate your friendship!

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