Thursday, January 06, 2005

taking a break on responsibility

last night i had to get out of my house. it was killing me being there. i felt so suffocated. so i went to stay the night with brooke. the plan was that she was going to get up and go to work early, and i would get up later, shower, maybe hang out for a little while, then leave. but this morning, brooke decided to call in, thus having a day of fun. brooke and amy's day of fun. yay! so we slept til about 11am. we got up, made biscuits with cinnamon butter and watched cheaper by the dozen. then, we played playstation 2 for about three hours. we played all kinds of games from old atari games to the newest games out...centipede, pacman, pole position, need for speed, hot wheels racing. then it was time to eat again. of course. this time, macaroni and tomato sauce and jalapeno poppers. yeah, a weird choice, but it was yummy. next up on the agenda, another movie...this time, dodgeball. needless to say, it was a day with the least amount of responsibility possible. i'm hoping for another one very soon.

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