Tuesday, January 04, 2005

thanks, laura ingalls, for being my idol all those years!

so. it's january 4th and we still have house guests. yep. two weeks now and i'm ready to pack up my things and hit the road, jack. i've been doing my fair share to just stay away from the house, but it's getting harder and harder. i'd love to vent more, but having the freedom to blog about whatever i want, whenever i want does have it's consequences. so i'm better off leaving it at that.

i was excited about my hair being long enough to finally pull up all the way, so today i fixed it in two french braids. so yeah, i looked like laura ingalls. not only did i look like laura ingalls, but laura when she was about 12. seriously. there was no way at all i looked like i was 23. i went shopping with brooke to get out of the house for a while and we ended up meeting her mom at red lobster for dinner. brooke and i got to the restraunt first, so we went ahead and got a table. our server came over to get our drink order. she looks at brooke
"are you 21?"
"would you be interested in one of our margarita specials?"
"no thanks, i'll have water."
did she even ask me if i wanted a margarita? no. did she even suspect that i was older than 21? no. not a clue. why? because of my laura ingall, 12 year old braids.

okay, so that's great. but it gets even better. we were shopping for about four hours at a bunch of different stores. on multiple occasions we noticed 14-16 year old boys looking at me. no joke. i walked around the corner from looking at picture frames and this kid, probably about 15 is standing there with a huge grin on his face. he says hi and then he giggles. i muttered a quick hi as i burst into laughter and proceeded to find brooke to get out of the store. after the day i've had, i think i'm going to have to retire the braids. or next time i'll have to wear a lot of makeup to compensate for the 12 year old look.

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