Saturday, January 22, 2005

road trip with mom

so yesterday i got talked into driving to ohio with my mom to take a u-haul trailer to move some stuff for roy. the infamous queen bed was among the items we hauled up there. my bed just doesn't compare. man, i miss that bed. the weather was suppose to be bad and he didn't want my mom driving by herself, so i was instantly nominated to ride in the passenger seat. i didn't mind so much because i didn't really have much planned for the weekend anyway. i elected myself "road trip dj" as i often do on random road trips, and it's a title i take great pride in. i love searching through cds to find the perfect songs for the person i'm with. as each person and their love for music is different, it brings about an interesting task. the choices i made for our journey contained
*forrest gump soundtrack
*road trip cd made by my friend emily about 2 years ago
*a random mix made by yours truly
*and of course nsync's no strings attached because no road trip is complete until this cd is played!

the weather dropped waaaaaaaaaay down...the closer we got to dayton, the more snow on the ground. i wasn't what you'd call a "happy camper." and i was especially glad that i wasn't "camping" outside, but rather in the nice, warm living room of roy's new apt. speaking of, it was weird to sleep on the futon that used to furnish my living room. if that couch could talk, i'm sure we'd be hearing some VERY interesting stories...some i've only heard recently.

this is not a joke! right past cincinnati on the interstate was a huge Jesus statue! actually, i don't even think that huge describes it at all. it was one enormous jesus. i just did a search for "huge jesus on i-75" and came up with this...
apparently it's at this church.
i found this article and this article and this article which is the most disturbing. i'm still collecting my thoughts.

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