Friday, January 21, 2005


passion. it's a word that's come up in numerous conversations lately. robyn and i have talked about it multiple times and it seems like it comes up in every conversation i've had about my "future." robyn posted her thoughts on it yesterday, so i'm just going to jump off what she's already said.

so go to her blog by clicking here...then come back and finish reading what i have to say.

i've talked a lot recently about wanting a job i love, a job that i'm passionate about. so, what am i passionate about? i'm passionate about youth and kids and college students. maybe i'm just passionate about people in general. i love being around people...loving them, allowing them to love me in return. i love making videos, but not just any video. i love creating videos that have a genuine purpose. bringing something to life that means something to someone else. it's hard to explain, but it makes me think about an email i sent to aaron after working my first summer of camp. i was a video producer and it was a long hard summer. but it was definitely a summer filled with passion. the next year, he took my letter and published it as the first page of the video producer's handbook. i came across it a few days ago and here's what it said:

yes, i applied to be a video producer, but i have become so much more than i would have ever imagined. i've become part of a team, part of a family. i've come to know the kids and adults here and i've been able to send a piece of me, my heart, home with them. i've loved them and they've loved me in return. i've become someone who isn't afraid to get down on other people's levels and walk around with them there. i've walked on the outside of my comfort zone again and again and i've loved every minute of it.

sure it's been hard, but what kind of life would we be living if it wasn't? this summer had been an amazing time of growth for me. as stressed out as i've been about the equipment failures (and yes, i've shed lots and lots of tears), in all honesty, it's probably the best thing that could have ever happened to me. it humbled me and made me realize the reason God placed me here this summer.

i know that my videos haven't been great. and i know that i don't deserve a shout out for anything. to be honest, i could do a much better job with a little extra time and energy, but i've done more than just capture memories on video; i've formed relationships, i've planted seeds, i've watched students grow. yeah, i'm the video girl. yeah, i make camp videos. but i am so much more than just a video girl and that's something about this summer that i'l never forget!
amy thomas
mobile, al

reading this is a reminder of where my passion lies. i haven't been lucky enough to stumble upon it easily. but i am positive that with God's guidance and ever faithful hand to push me in the right direction that i will be finding it soon. but i have to remember "soon" is a relative word for God, so i must wait patiently until he whispers in my ear what i'm suppose to be doing.

so i'll leave off with my comment from robyn's blog.
"so i suppose it would be much easier if life was all mapped out for us, but what really would even be the point of living it?"

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