Thursday, January 20, 2005

don't forget your toothbrush

i was just reminded of a funny story that happened a few nights ago that i meant to write about. my mom, my brothers and i went to eat at a mexican restraunt. we'd never been there before, but corey had to write a review for his spanish class, so instead of cooking dinner, we all just went. they played "pop" songs that were in spanish, so i kept recognizing the tunes, but my favorite was when achy breaky heart busted over the system in spanish. no joke. me and nate lost it. we were cracking up.

(i just realized that i had no real reason for telling that because it has nothing to do with the story itself)

anyway, we come home and i was standing in nate's doorway talking to him. corey was standing in the bathroom about 10 ft from me when he calls me in there. he asks me if i want to hear a funny story. me, always being up for a good laugh is of course willing to listen. so he picks up his toothbrush out of the toothbrush holder, you know, the kind that looks like a cup with holes in it that holds 4 toothbrushes, and starts to tell me this story. apparently their recent trip to the dentist caused some confusion of who ended up with what color toothbrush. corey said he walked in the bathroom that morning and found nate using his toothbrush. corey, in his disgust, starts to yell at him "yuck! why are you using my toothbrush?" at this point nate's half awake, "it's not your toothbrush. it's mine!" so they argued about it for a few minutes.

at this point in the story i'm cracking up. so i call nate into the hallway. "you've been using his toothbrush?" his face turns bright red and he tries to explain himself.
"the dentist gave me a blue toothbrush. that one's mine."
"no, i got a blue toothbrush because my last one was blue."
and they fought about it a little bit more.

but it brings everyone to the conclusion that for 3 weeks, they'd both been using the same toothbrush. i was literally on the floor laughing so hard i couldn't breathe. the funniest part...the toothbrush is definitely purple!

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