Saturday, October 30, 2004

real post?

i know it's been a while since i really wrote anything of substance. but i've tried to keep it fun for you faithful few who do visit regularly.
i took my mutt for a walk yesterday and i was in awe of the colors around me. everything was so bright and vibrant. leaves covered the lawns, the tops of houses, and one road was entirely covered. there were kids out playing in piles of leaves, running and hiding. my dog kept tramping around through the ones on the side of the road. people were out raking, walking, and some were just sitting outside enjoying it. there were leaves that were still clinging to the trees, like they were unwilling to let go for fear they'd soon be raked up and hauled off. it was such a beautiful day. i hate to think that soon all the leaves will be gone and the ground will be covered with snow. i'd so much rather keep it just the way it is now. i hate snow. it looks so pretty when it's freshly fallen, but then people go out in it and make it dirty and gross. plus, i HATE being cold. i'm not a big fan of the winter.

short update...
i leave for washington in just a few short days which means it's also a few short days until...
i get to see robyn
i get to vote
i have to give back the freaks and geeks series
i get a chance to get out of this wretched town
i get to spend 3 hrs in vegas!
i have someone to play movie trivia with (in person)
i get to meet people i've been hearing about for over a year
i get to visit seattle again
and a whole lot more...

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