Sunday, October 31, 2004

i know what i did last halloween

last halloween i was celebrating homecoming festivites supporting my friend maryem who was running for homecoming queen. the event was at the colisseum and after it was over, a bunch of people were going back to my house to watch scary movies. on the way down the bleachers, i gained a lot of momentum. i thought to myself (and i even think i said outloud), "i'm going to fall down and kill myself." i didn't die, but i did fall down. catherine, jenny, and emily had to practically carry me to the car. by the time we got to my house, my knee was swollen 2 times the size it was suppose to be and i couldn't walk on it at all. after much debate and trying to stop the swelling, we decided that i needed to go to the emergency room. catherine and emily took me and jenny was going to stay at my house because there were people coming over. 6 hours later, i left the hospital knowing absolutely nothing with a perscription for codine and a huge blue knee brace. the next week, when i went to the doctor (because it was still hurting) i found out that my knee was out of place and i had torn my miniscus.

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