Thursday, July 01, 2010

Chicago, Here I Come!

I was at lunch last week with a co-worker, telling her that I had $130 toward a flight that was about to expire and that the opportunity to use it hadn’t presented itself. I had originally planned on using it for my trip to San Antonio in August, but when I tried to apply it toward that ticket, it told me that it was going to expire July 8. At that point, I only had three weeks to find a use for it. I had asked a few friends if they’d be interested in going to Chicago (or anywhere, but Chicago was the cheapest option) over a weekend, but none of them could work it out with their schedules or finances. So at that point, it seemed like I’d be traveling alone, or it would just expire and go to waste.

Until that moment, sitting in a barbeque joint across from my co-worker, hearing her say, “I’m not doing anything fourth of July weekend… I could go with you.”

Thirty minutes later, plane tickets had been purchased and we will be on our way to Chicago in just days!

What's the one thing I have to do while I'm there?!

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