Monday, June 28, 2010

My Mom Is Cooler Than Your Mom!

As I've mentioned before, I've been in a funk. It's not been pretty.

This weekend I went and hung out with my mom. It was one of those trips where I felt like I needed to remember who I was. Where I came from. Why I am who I am. Where my roots are. Where I belong. That I’m loved.

I needed to be reminded that life isn’t quite as difficult as I’ve been making it out to be.

And who better to do that than my mom! My mom and I have a very good relationship. It’s not always been that way, but for the last six or seven years, she’s been one of my closest friends. I know there are a lot of people who can’t call their mom a friend. And for that, I will count my blessings. I definitely went through the bratty teenager period where my mom embarrassed me and left me mortified beyond belief just by volunteering to go on a school field trip. But those years are long behind us. I now realize that I should have thought it was cool that all my friends loved my mom growing up and everyone always wanted to ride with her instead of other moms. But at the time, I thought it was ridiculous…because mom’s aren’t cool.

So, I went to visit the one person who knows me better than anyone.

Saturday morning we went to pick up some coffee to start off our day. Does she know me, or what? She had planned for us to get shoulder massages at her salon. Seriously, what better way is there to start your day other than coffee and massages?

From there, we went shopping. Then, we moved on to a short road trip north to hit the casino. I think it’s the first time I’ve actually lost money, but it was still super fun (I should have known considering I haven’t been having the greatest luck lately). Luckily, mom came out ahead. We headed back home to have dinner with my youngest brother.

Then, we headed to a concert in the park for The Guess Who and Grand Funk Railroad. Now, I am very aware that most people my age do not know who either of these bands are. But, I grew up listening to the oldies. We’d put on old records and dance around the living room. We’d put on old records and clean the house. We’d put on old records and cook dinner (I think you get the point). So, attending this concert in the park was something that just seemed natural. I may have been one of ten people under the age of 40, but still. My mom had a good time…and so did I.

I had a great time just hanging out, talking, laughing, and being around my mom. When I left, my heart felt lighter, I had more freckles, I owned some new clothes, I had less stress, and I had a cute pedicure.

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