Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Much Needed Getaway

Do you ever have those days or weeks where you just need to get out of town. The kind where it doesn't really matter where you go, or what you do, but you just have to leave. That's the way I've been feeling for weeks. So desperate to just get out of here. Work has been crazy. Then I get home and just feel clostrophobic.

My mom has been in Kentucky for a couple weeks, so I decided to go visit. It was just what I needed. A getaway with no real agenda.

I got into town Friday night and my mom had ordered us Chinese from one of my favorite places. We just sat around and ate and talked. And it was delicious.

Saturday morning I woke up and decided I would do my run before it started raining. As soon as I got about 10 minutes from the house, the heavens opened up and started pouring buckets of rain down on me. I had no choice but to continue to run. Either way, I was soaked. I didn't do the whole thing, I just kind of made a loop and headed back to the house. I walked in the back door and my mom was standing in the kitchen. I had water dripping off of me like I'd just gotten out of a swimming pool. She looked up from the sink with a funny look on her face. I looked at her and said, "You didn't even think to come get me when it started pouring?" She started cracking up. "Well, I didn't really think about it."

While I was in the shower, she decided to be nice and fix me a bagel. I took one bite of it and almost gagged. It was absolutely disgusting. I quickly glanced over at the counter. Wait, that container wasn't cream cheese. It was SOUR CREAM! Yes, my mother put sour cream on my bagel.

Saturday after the bagel fiasco, my mom told me she had a surprise for me. And let me just say, it was the best surprise EVER. I'd told her I wanted a pedicure and it had been since last August when I last had one. So she made me an appointment and that was big surprise. And it was seriously the best pedi I've ever had!

Great weekend. Great for the soul! It was definitely what I needed.

And to top it off, I got to have coffee with one of my favorite people on my way back into town.

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