Friday, March 13, 2009

Trusting Jesus: More Trust Issues

Sometimes I think God must look down at me and say, "Amy, I've already shown you how to do that, why can't you remember?" Or "Um, we've already covered this one. I'm not showing you that again!" Or maybe even, "Good grief, child, you wear me out."

I feel like there are several things God's been trying to teach me lately. Over and over and over again. I also don't think it's merely coincidence that they are all somewhat related and intertwined. I feel like continues to show up in my life in very unexpected ways the last few weeks. Issues of trusting God. And not really just trusting, but actually allowing him to work through us. It's easy to trust God as a actually trust in the fact that through him, we are saved. That is the basic part of Christianity. But to actually trust Jesus as our teacher is completely different. If you want to hear an amazing message about it from Cross Point on Sunday, click here.

We even discussed this concept in small group last week before Pete based his sermon on it this past weekend. Revealing thought number 1: Sometimes I find it a lot easier to trust God with the big things, but I stuggle more with giving him control over the little things. I'm not sure why that is. But it's almost like he's proven to me that he can get me through the really hard, rough times...but I hold on to the little things. I don't know. I know it doesn't seem to make much sense at all. Wouldn't you think that it would be easier to trust him with the little things? All I know is that I have a long way to go before I think I can fully trust Jesus as not only my savior, but so much more. And I want to be there in that place. Imagine the peace that must reside there!

Pete had some amazing points on Sunday. Let me share a few...

Spiritual trouble arises when we have a skewed or innaccuate vision of who Jesus is.

Matt 5:21-24 - It's not just about transformation of the heart, but it's about behavior modification.

Matt 6:1 - It's possible to do all the "right" things, but still not be close to Christ. We often try too hard to make it all about us.

Matt 6:19-21 - Do we trust Jesus where our money and possessions are concerned?

Matt 11:28 - When we're treading water spritiually, why don't we just let Jesus help us out?

John 7:37 - If you are discontent or unsatisfied, he doesn't just quench our thirst, but he provides rivers of living water - so we can become a source of life to others.

Jesus gives us grace for eternity, but also, grace for life.

I'm still working through all of this, but I think it's always somewhat refreshing to know that others are right there with me...working it out themselves. I'd be much more of a freak if that weren't true. :)


Lindsay said...

You are definitely not alone in this, Amy! I wonder if we hold on to the little things because we think it's "okay" to exercise our self-will on these little things. They seem little to us but in fact, taken as a whole, they constitute most of our lives. That's when the trouble starts. I've been really convicted about turning over some of these little things (notice I said "some" not all...oops!) lately and am ready to trust Him!

Amy said...

Yes, so very true!