Thursday, March 12, 2009

Any Competition is a Friend of Mine

I love a competition. Especially if it means if I win, I get bragging rights. I seriously think I could turn most things into a game and get some type of satisfaction out of it. Now...if I could only figure out a way to make going to the gym and getting in shape into some kind of game, I'd be golden.

A friend from work is about as much of a pop culture fanatic as I am. But now that I've given up eating lunch out for lent, it's hard to find enough time in the day to discuss and recap all tv/pop culture related events of the previous night. So we've settled for some water cooler fodder and emails to rehash the previous nights events.

Right now, the two biggest shows on our radar - Dancing With the Stars and American Idol.

Now, I'll be honest...sometimes I get really into Idol, and other seasons I completely forget it exists. I can't say that I'll commit to every week, but I will at least watch enough to keep up with it...especially since TiVo took the liberty of recording it without me even telling him.

So, I watched Tuesday night's performances and caught up to the rest of America. So, for week one of the actual competition (The crap before now is merely for entertainment purposes), here’s my synopsis.

Lil Rounds – I like her…she’s one of my favorites. I think she has a really good voice. Even if she doesn't make it very far in the competition, I think she'll have an album out.

Scott – Not a big fan. The high notes in the song were AWFUL!

Danny – Love Love Love him! I think he’s got great stage presence and he can SING! I’ve loved him since his audition. LOVE that he sang PYT!

Michael – He gets points in my book for singing the Free Willy song. Haha! I think he’s okay…but there’s not much that’s great about him.

Jasmine – She’s good, and I like her, but don’t think she’s anything special.

Kris –He can play guitar…so he’s going that going. He’s cute…so he’s got that going. I agree with Simon about the guitar not suiting the song. He’s good, but not sure about being great. He’s got potential though. I like him!

Allison – I like her. She sounds like Kelly Clarkson to me. She said she’s not cutting herself. I am glad.

Anoop – I think he’s likable, but not anything special. I love that he sang Beat It. But it was very awkward. I agree about it sounding karaoke because it’s an iconic karaoke song! But the glam squad did wonders on him! Did you notice he said “Ya’ll?” haha…he did.

Jorge – He’s good, but I don’t care one way or the other about him.

Megan – Um…her dancing is annoying. Rockin’ Robin…really?!? REALLY?!?! That just got on my nerves. Whether she can sing or not, that was a dumb song choice. And she CAWED at the end. REALLY?!? She’s got a decent voice, but dang…I need her to go home already.

Adam – Love Love Love him. He’s definitely going to be up there in the finals. And B&W is one of my favorite MJ songs! I think he’s great.

Matt – He’s definitely got the Justin Timberlake look working for him! I love that he played the piano and I think he’s got a great voice!

Alexis Grace – I think she’s good. The end was a little crazy. I think she can sing, but it was a little over the top. I agree with the judges.

PS. Paula is crazy.

So, at the office, we are picking the order in which they'll go. So here are my picks (In order - best to worst). We'll see how I do.

Danny Gokey
Adam Lambert
Lil Rounds
Allison Irahata
Matt Guirad
Kris Allen
Alexis Grace
Jorge Nunez

Jasmine Murray
Michael Sarver
Anoop Desai
Megan Corkery
Scott McIntyre

Do you watch? I want to hear your picks...or at least your top four. DWTS picks for this season. Stay tuned!


Jenny Borders said...

lil' rounds
matt g

last night:
who i wanted to go home:
scott and jasmine

who i thought would go home:
anoop and jasmine

i liked jorge. :(

i'm always up for talking AI. i'm a BIG fan!! (too big maybe??)

adam is good but really, did he have to touch the girls' hands when he performed?? he hasn't won yet!!

love you!

Amy said...

Haha! Clearly I'm not doing so well with my picks right now.

Jeremy Atwood said...

I hate American Idol, but for some reason, probably in part to dvr I have watched...
First, I have never seen a girl with tats that I thought was attractive...until Megan Corkery - I'm a fan. Wonder is she would be a good pastor's wife? :)

Second, I can't see Adam winning. He has a big fan base and he is a good peformer, but can you imagine an entire CD of Adam Lambert with all of that screeming/singing. He hasn't sang one song where he hasn't belted out in a yell.

My top pick is Danny. I am anxious to see how Matt and Allison pull off country music.

My crystal ball says that lil rounds or Danny goes out earlier than expected and is saved by the judges.