Monday, July 14, 2008

"Here I am"

So, here it is...6pm the night before I leave. I am absolutely nowhere near ready at this point. I've got piles of clothes laid out with an idea of everything I need to take with me. Anyone want to come help me pack?!

I'm definitely starting to feel anxious. I'm not incredibly sure what to expect, but I'm welcoming it with open arms. Yesterday at church, Pete discussed the story of Abraham and Isaac. It takes great faith to say "Here I am," especially when you have no idea what God has in store for you. When I first started attending Cross Point, I remember watching the video of the group who had just traveled to the Dominican Republic. I wanted to go...I was ready to sign up right then. Last summer, I didn't have the PTO to go, or availability with work. I took an information packet home for the spring trip, but never ended up doing anything about it. I felt like God has been slowly preparing me for this for a while. I feel like I jumped one hurdle by signing up for the trip. Now, I stand here saying "Here I am, Lord" hoping that I have the faith to listen and follow.

If you want to follow our trip, check it out...


Jenni Catron said...

Amy, I'm praying that you have an amazing time. I'm so glad you are going on the trip!

robyn said...

i'm so proud of you! i will continue to pray as you're in the DR... love you, friend!