Monday, February 13, 2006

valentine's trivia

1. "Listen, Rachel, I appreciate your situation but this is Valentine's Day. So, if you don't mind, would you please just go back home?"
robyn - friends

2. "What's the big deal with Valentine's Day? It's a made-up holiday. Nobody even knows who this St. Valentine guy was."
me - mad about you

3. "The only Valentine's Day cards I get are from my mother. How pathetic is that?"
robyn - eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

4. "What? They're my Valentine's day chocolates."
me - saved!

name what tv show or movie the following characters are from...for 2000pts each.

5. jimmy valentine
jaclyn - shag

6. valentine mckee
me - tremors

7. drue valentine
samantha - dawson's creek

8. billy ray valentine
me - trading places (eddie murphy)

9. skeeter valentine
robyn -doug

10. the person who has had the craziest/worst valentine's day ever gets 8000pts. but it has to be a true story and something that happened to you. i'll be the judge.
andrea - 8000pts

11. the person who has planned the best valentine's day date will get 5000pts.

12. the person who has received the best valentine's day gift will receive 5000pts.
i liked all the i've divided the pts between:

robyn - 1666
chris - 1666
andrea - 1666

robyn - 5666
andrea - 9666
chris - 1666
samantha - 1000
jaclyn - 1000
me - 5000


jaclyn said...

5. Jimmy Valentine is the Elvis-wannabe-rockstar from Shag (the movie)

robyn said...

1. friends (?)
3. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
9. doug

that's all i've got for now...

i don't think i have any weird or cool or bad v-day things... but i'll keep thinking...

Samantha said...

7. dawson's creek

emily said...

ah man I knew 7 and 1.
I cheated on 6, so I will not let the separation be harmful to the game. I am stinking the movie quote game up lately. Honestly no crazy Valentine Day stories here.

robyn said...

i'm going to submit my story from today for the best thing i've ever received...

when i walked out the door to go check the mail this afternoon, a bunch of the boys from the apt. complex looked up and all said, "happy valentine's day!!!" it was so cute... then, i said it back and one of the younger ones ran up and gave me a hug... as he did, he looked up at me and said, "happy valentine's day." that hug might have been the best thing i've ever gotten for valentine's day!!!

andrea said...

ok 10. and this really could be chris's story, but i'm writing it...3 years ago...the few weeks before valentine's day chris would go on and on about how he hated valentine's day...he thought it was stupid and he thought card companies and florists just made it up to sucker guys into spending money...he thought flowers are stupid b/c they die and it's just wasted money...and on and on...i just thought valentine's day was a no-go. he hated the thought of it and he told me every chance he got. also happened to be my "not so good" week of the month...great, right? valentine's day comes, i go to dinner or date plans were made, i felt like crap. i get to work, there are 2 dozen of the ugliest roses i've ever seen waiting for me. now, i wasn't trying to be mean (and yes, i told him so, but only because i felt like he didn't get what he paid for) these roses looked like someone had thrown them on the ground and stomped on them. i saw them and cried, mainly because i thought they were bought because he HAD to get me something...not because he cared. then i get home, tell him about it, and ask where we're going to dinner. well he didn't make dinner plans b/c he thought that was my job for the evening b/c he had spent so much on the roses and the print i got later that all that being said and me figuring out i had hurt his feelings so badly, i locked myself in my closet and sobbed on the phone to my mom while she told me i was a horrible person and chris pleaded with me to come out. i finally did come out, after about an hour...we did go to dinner at the most expensive place in town (it was the only place we could get in) and had an amazingly good dinner. then we came back to my house and he let me snuggle with him while we watched sweet home alabama, which was my fav movie at the time.

now how is that for crazy...

and i do have one for the best gift too...i'll post it later.

andrea said...

ok best gift...

that would be this year. chris got me the pink razr phone from verizon...i didn't know he was doing this. i've wanted it since i heard about it coming out a year ago...he paid the deposit and everything...he set me up on his plan and just called me when it was ready to pick up...and then when i went to take the dog out yesterday morning there was a box on my porch. i told chris not to get me flowers this year, since they're way too overpriced on valentine's so he got me a dozen chocolate covered strawberries that were overnighted in dry-ice...and tasted fabulous...chocolate covered strawberries are like my favorite things in the world!

Chris said...

2. Mad About You..i love helen hunt
6. tremors
8. eddiemurphy trading places
10. i should get half of 10. if andrea wins
12. on the valentine's day after my 16th birthday, i got a new jeep wrangler to drive. it was beautiful and i bought things and added to it and it looked amazing. and then i was stupid and sold it to this ungrateful little turd i thought was my friend. and he has turned my once beautiful jeep into a piece of crap. it still remains however my best v-day present.