Tuesday, December 13, 2005

pop trivia...i bet you weren't expecting this!

since i've been sick pretty much all i have been doing is sleeping, laying around, and working. so i'm sorry for no posts. but i've been busy feeling like death. so i thought it'd be fun to surprise you with a fun pop quiz...tv trivia style!

1. this pair is married on a family drama. in real life, they've both acted in star trek movies and had ample screen time with capt. kirk. (2000pts available)
catherine hicks - robyn
stephen collins - jaclyn

2. what popular at the time singer made an appearance at stephanie tanner's birthday party?
tommy page - emily

3. what was the name of brandon walsh's car?
mondale - chris

4. megan mullally almost wound up in the one of the leads for this show, but she changed her mind and accepted a part on will & grace instead.
king of queens - chris

5. in one of the earlier episodes of the cosby show, denise tells theo that she can make him a designer shirt. who was the designer?
gordon gartrelle - jaclyn

6. this popular tv character had to dye his hair blonde every two weeks while shooting the show.
mark paul gosselaar - robyn

7. what was the name of clarissa's (on clarissa explains it all) pet who lived in a kiddie pool in her bedroom?
elvis - amy

8. name the 4 different hosts of wild & crazy kids. (1000 pts for each)
jessica gaynes - chris
omar gooding - chris
donnie jeffcoat - chris

annette chavez - amy

9. this star of dallas had it put in his contract that he would get to be on another television show after dallas ended. honoring that agreement, this show was created specifically for him, and it premiered the season after dallas ended. (1000pts to name the actor, 1000 bonus pts to name the show)
patrick duffy - crystal
step by step - robyn

10. early on, characters in this show frequently used a helicopter called the "screaming mimi."
rip tide - amy

amy - 3000
robyn - 3000
jaclyn - 2000
emily - 1000
crystal - 1000
chris - 5000


Anonymous said...

6. mark-paul gosslaar

robyn said...

that other comment was me!

robyn said...

9. step by step

Crystal said...

9. Patrick Duffy

Crystal said...

Wow, these are hard ones. Being sick made you tough! ;)

robyn said...

1. catherine hicks and stephen larson

Crystal said...

8. I think that one was Mario Lopez

jaclyn said...

1. catherine hicks and stephen collins

5. gordon gartrelle

emily said...

2. tommy somebody i'm thinking tommy page but that doesn't sound right

emily said...

4. friends?

Chris said...

3. mondale
4. king of queens
5. Gordon Gartrelle
8. matt brown, jessica gaynes, omar gooding, don jeffcoat

andrea said...

4. seinfeld ?

10. the drew carey show?

Chris said...

amy, matt brown was the original host, but im sure you are looking for that chavez girl i cant remember her first name. that was such a great show...they should bring it back.

robyn said...

7. kitty ? (i can't remember and that's my guess)