Sunday, December 18, 2005

i love lazy sundays (or any lazy day for that matter)

i'm feeling better...but still not 100%. i still have a cough and when i lay down to sleep it feels like a fat person is sitting on my chest. but other than that, i'm feeling better. i'm just hoping that i continue to get better. i finished the antibiotic today...and last time i started feeling worse after i was done. i've tried to get a lot of rest and drink lots and lots of water. seriously i think that's all i've had to drink since last weekend. maybe a glass or two of lemonade. i just never really drink a lot...but i've been drinking at least 4 bottles of water a day...sometimes more. but i'm sure that you really don't care about my drinking habits.

random thoughts that have been collecting in my head over the past week. you might need to brace yourself...these are random.

* i watched love actually again last night and everytime i see it i love it a little bit more. plus, it's a good christmasy movie.

* i'm really excited about christmas! i love it! i'm just hoping i don't get too excited and then it's a let down. that's never any fun. i know my mom still hasn't done any christmas shopping for me...because she told me she couldn't remember what i wanted. that's my mom for you.

* there was a chance for a 18 hr period where i was thinking about flying to washington and driving back with robyn, but her friend erin is coming here with her that'll be fun! i'm really excited. she leaves the northwest in a week!

* jaclyn left yesterday morning. she won't be back until jan 13. i already miss her.

* i got asked to stay at the temp job...not sure how long. but the rest of the temps are not coming back until the new year. apparently they like me because "i'm good." seriously, they told me that.

* i got to hang out with melina, mike, zack (my bff)and brian from the summer on wednesday night. then thursday night we went to dinner with a bunch of people and mike and zack were there. it was great fun. i meant to take pictures...but i met them after work so i forgot. hopefully there will be more reunions in the near future.

* i'm not quite done with christmas shopping, but i am close. i only have a few things left to get. not sure when i'll have time.

* i have to edit this wedding video i shot last month in the next few days. there's a million other things i can think of that also need to be done.

* i really don't like it when people decorate their cars for christmas. i was thinking about this the other day on the way to work because i saw a bunch of cars with wreaths on the front grill. then the other day on the way home from work, there was an suv that had the luggage rack decorated with christmas lights...they were on...and blinking. isn't that a safety hazzard of some sort? i definitely think it's ridiculous.

* i found a pair of oscar de la renta pants at tjmaxx for $10. i was pretty excited.

* i baked snowman cookies that jaclyn forgot to make before she left. they're yummy...but there's no way i need to eat 24 snowman cookies. so i might take them to work...or give them to people i like

* i promised that i'd tell you about new kids on the emily...just for you. when i was at home for thanksgiving i found my old new kids tapes. they're about the only ones i still have. and i had all of them...every single album. i know, pathetic, right? but i was a fan. anyway...i was listening to them on my way to work. i started with new kids, moved on to hangin' tough, then step by step, then games (the remix)...then...the christmas album. you definitely should check out funky funky christmas. it's absolutely amazing. what can only be defined by the 90s. i also saw on itunes that apparently a couple years ago jordan knight released an album where he covers all the new kids songs. weird. what made him feel the need to cover the songs that he'd already sang? so strange. bad as the music is, i absolutely love it. not because it's great music, but more because of the fact that it takes me back...

seriously...this is my life. hey, you're the one reading about it. don't give me crap. i'll try to be better. now that i'm not on the death bed.


Cynthia said...

HEy sweet Amy. Glad that you are feeling a little better!!! Once again I have missed out on the ever so fun trivia...:) Next time I will be all over it. I have a question for you...can Nanette and I stay with you Jan 2-4? I look forward to seeing you again. :)
Cyn City

robyn said...

well, that's something that i think should be approved by all roommates... and my vote is absolutely!!!

emily said...

I am glad that you are feeling better. New Kids rocks! I remember Joey was my favorite. I remember hanging tough, step by step, right stuff. I played those tapes out. they were/are cool. didn't joey do that dancing with stars show? I wonder if another new kids guy will do this season?

andrea said...

i love(d) the new kids so very much...jordan was my favorite, by the way. i have made it to NC and i know chris will be in NashVegas for passion...i don't know about myself yet...but we'll see. oh, and i thought you should know...chris decorates his car for christmas! this year, he made his own wreath out of live garland he bought...i thought you might find that funny :)