Monday, November 21, 2005

manic monday might be good today...

so i just got home from an interview. i think that it went really well. the actual job seems great. there's only 8 people who work there, so it's a fairly small office. the people i met today seemed wonderful. i should know something sometime this week. i feel pretty good about it. the girl who interviewed me said that she thought i'd be a good fit. so i guess we'll see. i'm begining to be an expert on the patient thing.

on a sad note, it's the time of year where the cold comes. i don't like it. last tuesday it was 75 degrees, then a cold front came in that night and we had horrible weather. wednesday the temperature was in the 40s. not good for amy. i definitely believe that it's a conspiracy. every thanksgiving i get sick. i'm trying to fight it off sooooo bad. but i'm pretty sure i'm on the verge of bronchitis. not fun. especially if it gets in the way of my turkey eating!

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