Thursday, October 06, 2005

one small step for man (or me)

i've tried to type this post numerous times, but my ibook is being fickle and safari keeps shutting down. i might save it as a draft and publish it later.

so i'm in nashville right now. i started my apartment search today and i hit 7 apartments. i'd say that's probably why i'm exhausted right now. i feel like i found some pretty good deals, but it's just a big decision to make...especially when i'm making it alone. it's definitely not something that's fun to do...definitely something not fun to do alone. today i felt very "alone." besides the fact that i was alone most of the day i just felt alone in general, alone in life. i don't know if it makes any sense at all, but that's pretty much how i felt all day. i did come across a possible job opportunity that i would absolutely love! i'm really praying that it will work out because it really would be a wonderful job.

i'm planning on getting back up and doing it all again tomorrow. it'd be great if you could keep the encouragement, words of wisdom, and prayers coming my way...because i could definitely use them right now.

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