Monday, October 03, 2005

mega movie trivia (#5)

so this week i've mixed it up a little. there are three sections and there are multiple chances for people to win points. hopefully i won't have people complaining about not being able to get to the points fast enough...suck it up. it's just a game! :)

with that being said, you know how to play...if this is your first time, or if you need a refresher, check
out the rules here.

all grown up...
these actors were fairly well known at one point in time, but where have they gone? some of them are still around, but some, not so much in the entertainment business.

multiple points for each picture are available for these questions. 1000pts for the name of the actor or actress. 500pts for the name of the movie or character they played (some have been in multiple movies or tv shows so this is how you can rack up some points).

1. no one got this, so i'm giving myself 500 points for it (i'm only counting his well known stuff).

the correct answer is bug hall

hercules (voice) .... little boy
the munsters' scary little christmas - eddie munster
the big green - newt shaw
the little rascals - alfalfa


tina majorino - andrea

andre - andrea

napoleon dynamite - andrea

when a man loves a woman - andrea

deb (napoleon dynamite) - robyn

jessica green (when a man loves a woman) - andrea

molly (corrina corrina) - andrea


enola (waterworld) - chris

veronica mars-chris

mac (veronica mars) - chris

sante fe-chris

crystal thomas (santa fe) -chris

3. keisha knight pulliam -crystal

cosby show - crystal

rudy (cosby show) - robyn

polly comin' home - andrea

the little match girl - andrea

beauty shop-chris

darnelle (beauty shop) - chris


letrice (motives) - chris

connecticut yankee in king arthur's court-chris

karen (con. yankee) - chris

the last dragon-chris

sophie (last dragon) - chris


jonathan lipnicki - crystal

jerry maguire - crystal

like mike - robyn

ray (jerry maguire) - robyn

george little (stuart little) - andrea

george little (stuart little 2) - andrea ( i guess it's fair!)

murph (like mike) - andrea

the little vampire - andrea

doctor dolittle-chris

tiger (dr. doolittle) - chris


alex (meego) - chris

5. jeff cohen - big mike lewis

the goonies - big mike lewis

chunk (the goonies) - big mike lewis

ward (perfect harmony) - big mike lewis

max baxter (ask max) - big mike lewis

ask max - big mike lewis

6. henry thomas - andrea

E.T. - andrea

elliot (ET) - robyn

johnny (gangs of new york) - chris

gangs of new york - chris

suicide kings- chris

avery (suicide kings) - chris

legends of the fall- chris

sam (legends of the fall) - chris

fire in the sky-chris

greg (fire in the sky) - chris

cloak and dagger-chris

davey (cloak and dagger) - chris

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

these questions are about famous parents with famous children. name both the parents and the children. 1000pts for each.

* in the 1970s in two tv shows both starting with "three," he played a straight man pretending to be gay. in a new movie, perceptions, his son plays a gay man pretending to be straight.

7. name the father

john ritter - crystal

8. name the son

jason ritter - andrea

* this comedian seemed to have everything going for him. but in january 1977, following his final public appearance (at the inaugural ball for president jimmy carter), the 22-year-old called his mother, friends and manager and announced that he was committing suicide. while his manager tried to stop him, he placed a .32 caliber pistol against his head and pulled the trigger. he did not die right away, and was rushed to a hospital with a massive head wound. he was kept on life support until january 29, 1977, when his family and friends decided to let him rest in peace. he left behind a wife and infant son who shares his name. more than two decades after his death, his only son, carried on the "royal" family name and has become a star in his own right.

9. name the father

freddie prinze - ryan

10. name the son

freddie prinze jr - ryan

* this actor went to chapman university in orange county, where his father filmed that thing you do using his friends as extras (he later transferred to loyola).

11. name the father

tom hanks - crystal

12. name the son

colin hanks - andrea

* his father is a comedian, but best known in recent years for playing the character arthur spooner on king of queens. in episode "shrink wrap" (episode #4.25) the son guest-starred as his real-life father's father.

13. name the father

jerry stiller - ryan

14. name the son

ben stiller - ryan

* his father uses a stage name and is a well known "president." at the risk of appearing an outsider, this actor chose to retain the family name, hoping to avoid riding his father's coattails.

15. name the father

martin sheen - crystal

16. name the son

emilio estevez - crystal

17. this actor is the stepson of the feminist author, gloria steinem

christian bale - robyn

18. his father was famous for playing gomez on "the addams family." his mother was patty duke (or his famous brother)

sean astin (or mackenzie astin) - robyn

* her father was known for dressing in drag alongside jack lemmon in some like it hot. she made her break through in a scary movie, reprising the role 20 years later.

19. name the father

tony curtis - andrea

20. name the daugher

jamie lee curtis - ryan

* this actress considers her true "dad" to be kurt russell, her mother's longtime partner who has lived with the family since she was three.

21. name the mother

goldie hawn - crystal

22. name the daugher

kate hudson- crystal

* this actress is the third woman in history to be nominated for a best director academy award. her and her ex-husband spike jonze have both received oscar nominations for best director, having been the first married couple to do so.

23. name this actress

sophia copolla - andrea

24. name her father

francis ford copolla - andrea

25. bonus points if you can name either of her famous cousins...

nicholas cage - robyn

jason schwartzman - chris

movie images

this next section contains screencaps from various movies. name the movie for 1000pts each.

26. sisterhood of the traveling pants - andrea

27. i heart huckabees - robyn

runaway jury - robyn

almost famous - andrea

30. batman begins - robyn

31. seabiscuit - crystal

32. edward scissorhands - crystal

33. the sandlot - andrea

34. miracle - ryan

changing lanes - robyn


Crystal said...

3. Keisha Knight Pulliam, Cosby Show
4. Jonathon Lipnicky, Jerry Maguire

7. John Ritter
8. ??

11. Tom Hanks
12. ??

15. Martin Sheen
16. Emilio Estevez

21. Goldie Hawn
22. Kate Hudson

Crystal said...

32. Edward Scissorhands

Crystal said...

31. Seabiscuit

I am getting them slowly

studentoftheone said...

34 is the Miracle, i got one right
26 is from dicki child star or something
7. John Ritter
9. Freddie Prinz
10. Freddie Prinz Jr.
13. Jerry Stiller
14. Ben Stiller
20. Jamie Lee curtis

andrea said...

33. the sandlot
32. edward scissorhands
30. hide and seek
29. almost famous
26. sisterhood of the traveling pants

andrea said...

1. corey haim? - the lost boys, watchers, license to drive, silver bullet, blown away
3. star jones
6. henry thomas - et
7. john ritter
8. jason ritter ?
9. freddie prinze
10. freddie prinze jr.
11. tom hanks
12. colin hanks
15. martin sheen
16 emilio estevez

andrea said...

21. goldie hawn
22. kate hudson
23. sofia coppola
24. francis ford coppola
25. john and jane cusack?

andrea said...

19. tony curtis

andrea said...

2. tina majorino - andre, napoleon dynomite, corrina, corrina, when a man loves a woman

robyn said...

18. sean astin or mackenzie astin...
27. i heart huckabees (but WHY???)
30. batman begins
35. changing lanes (?)

robyn said...

2. ghost world (i think)
3. rudy
4. like mike
6. elliott

robyn said...

12. colin hanks

robyn said...

25. nicolas cage

robyn said...

17. christian bale

robyn said...

1. dream a little dream
2. nap dynamite - deb

robyn said...

4. jerry maguire - ray

andrea said...

4. stuart little - george little, stuart little 2 - george little, the little vampire, murph in like mike

andrea said...

2. jessica green in when a man loves a woman, toni in andre, molly in corrina, corrina

3. Polly coming home or polly...(i think it was a disney channel movie!), the little match girl

andrea said...

6. legends of the fall ?

robyn said...

28. runaway jury

chris said...

25. jason schwartzman

chris said...

2. waterworld-enola, veronica mars-mac, sante fe-crystal thomas shop-darnelle, motives-letrice, connecticut yankee in king arthur's court-karen, the last dragon-sophie dolittle-tiger, meego-alex

6.gangs of new york-johny, suicide kings- avery, legends of the fall-sam, fire in the sky-greg, cloak and dagger-davey

chris said...

1. c thomas howell- war of the worlds,gods and generals, the million dollar kid,avalanche, gettysburg- lt. thomas, , red dawn- rob, the outsiders, ET, hidalgo-preston,payback-oscar, soul man - mark

Big Mike Lewis said...

#5 - Jeff Cohen "Chunk" from the Goonies
"Ward" in Perfect Harmony
"Max Baxter" in Ask Max
"Jeff B. Cohen" in No Greater Gift
"Grunt" in Scooby Doo & the Ghoul School
He's appeared in the shows Family Ties, Facts of Life, Kids Incorporated and Webster...but The Goonies is one of the best movies ever!

Big Mike Lewis said...

#1 - Jonathan Brandis?
Sea Quest
Neverending Story 2
Murder She Wrote
The Year That Trembled
Oliver & Co.
One Life To Live

amy said...

just a reminder - these answers have to come from your head...not from the internet. i'm not accusing anyone of cheating, i'm just amazed at the knowledge in some people's brains. it's almost unbelievable.

#1 is not jonathan brandis or c.thomas howell.