Tuesday, October 04, 2005

i hate math

good grief. i didn't realize so much math was going to be involved. someone double check me...but i think this is where we stand right now for trivia 5 only.

andrea - 16000
chris - 15000
crystal - 11000
robyn - 10500
ryan - 6000
mike - 4000

robyn and chris get 1000 bonus points for #25


andrea said...

i bet you won't give open-ended point questions anymore! that's crazy how many obscure characters people thought of...i questioned chris too, but he says he really knew all that!

robyn said...

i double checked your totals... and this is what i got... but i could be wrong... but i did double check the ones i had that were different from your totals..

andrea - 17,000
chris - 15,000
crystal - 11,000 (same)
ryan - 6,000 (same)
big mike lewis - 4,000
robyn - 10,500 (depending on how much "bonus points" are and if i get extra credit for naming mackenzie astin)

amy said...

okay...i checked again. what's up right now is right.

emily said...

wow...looks like I missed a good game yesterday. I had class at that time, I had checked earlier in the day....but no luck....there will be a next time....